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Sitting Bull

I watched the mini series Centennial inspired by the book written by James A. Michener’s. That made me interested in Native Americans. I watched the t.v. show called the Real West which made me interested in learning more about one of the Native American leaders Sitting Bull. They had one episode titled Sitting Bull and the Great Sioux Nation, they had lots of information about the Sioux tribe of Native Americans, but only briefly discussed Sitting Bull. They only mentioned certain key events of his life.

I know that he was a Sioux Indian, and he lived during the Indian Wars. Most people associate Sitting Bull with Custard’s Last Stand. I know that in Custard’s last stand, Custard was so confident that he would win any battle with Indians that he brought along his brothers and brother in laws. All of them ended up dying. I think he at one time travelled with Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West Show.

I want to know what Sitting Bull was like as an individual. I am interested in knowing how he got his name, and if he had any children. I want to find out what his feelings and approaches he had in reference to the white man. I wish to investigate where he lived and what his people were like. I am curious to find out what his role was, was he an actual chief or medicine man?

I am not sure when he lived, died, and what era of American History he existed in and want to look that up. I wonder if there are any websites or current books on Sitting Bull. Did he ever live on a reservation? How did he die? Was he short? Are there any photos of him, other than the one they showed on the television show?

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