Is terrorism “poor man’s warfare” and therefore a legitimate option for waging war?”

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Terrorist and the media
Prior to the digital age of media, terrorist groups could only rely on slow paper media and potentially some radio and broadcast media. They didn’t have the internet or mobile devices that could relay information instantly. The old media served a purpose to terrorist but it was not a main part of their internal structure.
Today is another story. With the advent of digital media, internet, and other high speed media, terrorist have a new tool for their causes. Many terrorist organizations have used the internet for recruiting and advertising their cause to millions of people. Websites that promote their causes are used to educate, persuade, and convince individuals to join their cause or organization.
With such tools as PayPal, many people can provide financially support to terrorist organizations willingly or unwillingly. For example, the porn website industry makes millions of dollars each year, but many of the sites that collect fees for viewing the material are just filters for organized crime and terrorist organizations. Many of these sites deal in human trafficking and are often used to relay messages among group members.
Due to portable media, many terrorist groups are enabling the press to enter into training camps to film and interview key leaders in an effort to get out their story. These groups target reporters that are well respected but yet may support their cause due to religious affiliation or background beliefs. Because all media is biased in some form, the information presented to the public is biased. Some terrorist organizations even have their own commercial communications channels in which to broadcast propaganda and other information across the world.
With the ease of internet, almost any communication can be redirected and received through means that are untraceable. This ability for groups to maximize the media to benefit their cause allows them to stay ahead of the game. Such devices as disposable phone, while creating a conveniece for most people, have provided an invaluable communication tool for terrorist and extremist cells communications web. Because of the cost of these devices, it can be nearly impossible to track these devices and track cell activities.
Terrorist organizations also like using the media to show how powerful they are or how victimized they are depending upon the group and the desired effect. In hostage situations, the terrorist blame the deaths of the hostages on botched negotiations and assaults in hope of turning the public opinion against the aggressor and not the terrorist. In some case, the terrorist use the media to brag about an event or to challenge the law enforcement agencies to catch them before an event can occur.
The media of today is completely different than it was ten years ago. It will continue to change at a rapid pace in the future with new technologies, speeds, and tools. Future communications will ensure anyone has the ability to produce and distribute media to the world.
Because there are people who believe everything they read and see from specific media outlets, terrorist will use these outlets to gain support and followers for their causes. While it is a wonderful freedom to American, the Freedom of Speech can be a dangerous tool that can easily be used by terrorist and extremist groups to wage war on a new battlefield.
Part Five

In reference to your research paper, briefly discuss the location of attacks, tactics employed; countermeasures or anti-terrorist options/strategies (“not” security management related solutions/countermeasures) that have been successful against this group and similar groups in the past; and the projected future of your chosen terrorist group.

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