Is terrorism “poor man’s warfare” and therefore a legitimate option for waging war?”

Chapter 11 Information is power –

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Chapter 11

Information is power – All governments and terrorist organizations know that information is power (Martin, 2013). We have been taught this throughout history. Individuals who posses information control the power over the people and can direct their actions through persuasion. The media is power. They are able to get the information out to all and in some cases may actually spin the story to the advantage of the terrorist group or revolutionary group they are covering. Media corporations are the giants of information. Many people believe what the media states without question. This power over information makes media prime assets for terrorist groups that encourage the press to enter the group and tell their side of the story to the world to gain support for the cause. An example form early American history was the Masonic knights. This organization is still looked at as a secret organization that not only had members of influence but it has been speculated that this organization still drive American politics and influential matters behind closed doors today.

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