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Benefit to the organisation

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Benefit to the organisation

This internship would have a positive impact on the Library & Archives, its users and associated volunteers. It would also have a wide public impact through the temporary exhibition. These are all areas of strategic importance to the Trust where additional resource is welcomed.


Training Activity Checklist

Category :

Training Activities

Collections Management and Care

Managing or maintaining database

Assisting with collections management activities including storage conditions, condition checking and housekeeping

Compiling and producing catalogues and finding-aids

Exhibition and Display

Exhibition development (museums and galleries)

Assisting with the installation/de-installation of exhibitions

Carrying out research

Producing museum text

Marketing and publicity

Audience development through advocacy

Marketing and promoting the Library & Archives through social media


Event coordination

Event delivery

Access and Interpretation

To deliver or assist with the delivery of the work of the Library & Archives

Population of website

Use of social media to promote the Library & Archives and its collections

Giving short talks relating to the work of the Library & Archives

Policy and Finance

Managing delegated budgets relating to the temporary exhibition, in conjunction with the Director of Collections and Learning.

Administration and Other

Responding to curatorial enquiries

Customer service

Writing or editing

Using databases to provide information relating to objects/loans

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