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Intern’s role within the main placement project

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Intern’s role within the main placement project

The internship is based around increasing access to the Trust’s Library & Archives, however, within this it will have a wide remit. It will be a forward-facing role working towards increasing the levels of public engagement with the collections material. As such, it will require interacting with existing users, non-users and volunteers to understand how access can be improved. It will include working on various social media platforms to publicise the Library & Archives and its holdings and to raise the profile of the service as a whole. It will also require the intern to assist in the creation of catalogues and finding aids to increase access to the collections.
The intern will also, once confident, be encouraged to give short talks about the collections and the facilities.
In addition to this, and working alongside other staff the intern will have a key role in the research, content development and initial phases of installation of the 2016 temporary exhibition on the Great Exhibition of 1851. They will be given the opportunity to make decisions about images and objects to be included in the exhibition as well as contributing to the narrative structure of the exhibition as a whole. They will be expected to contribute towards the production of text for the exhibition as well as playing a part in reviewing text.
The intern will also assist in the arrangements for the Private View for the exhibition and work closely with Marketing to ensure that the exhibition receives media exposure.

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