Ir 212 (37740): History and International Relations Fall 2016

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Course Schedule
Week 1: Introduction to the Course and Concepts

M 1/11 Syllabus

W 1/13 What is International Relations?

Nye and Welch 1-35

F 1/15 What is History?

Carr, “This Historian and his Facts”

Week 2: Introduction to the Course and Concepts (cont’d)

M 1/18 MLK DAY

W 1/20 Levels of Analysis

Nye and Welch, 38-61

Waltz, Man, The State, and War (excerpt)

F 1/22 Paradigms and Theories or “The Ism Talk”

Nye and Welch, 62-72
Week 3: Principles of Qualitative Research

M 1/25 Causation and Case Selection

Carr, “Causation in History”

Gaddis, “The Interdependency of Variables”

W 1/27 Process

Starr, “Opportunity and Willingness as Ordering Concepts in the Study of War”

Goertz and Starr, Necesssary Conditions: Theory, Methodology and Applications, 1-25

F 1/29 Counterfactuals

Gaddis, “Causation, Contingency and Counterfactuals”

Nye and Welch, 72-75

Directory: assets -> sites
sites -> Empire and the Reconstruction Constitution: Legal Change beyond the Courts
sites -> Richard a. Easterlin
sites -> Film, Power and American History: History 225g Fall 2010 Prof. Vanessa R. Schwartz
sites -> Revised September 6, 2011 hms iacuc pi/reviewer checklist for
sites -> Millions of the Mouthless Dead: Visions of the Dead in World War I poetry
sites -> The Academy Center for Teaching and Learning Harvard Medical School Classroom Learning Small Groups Statement of the Problem
sites -> Dowie’s Divine Healing and the Professionalization of Modern Medicine
sites -> Syllabus: History 514: Nineteenth Century Europe Spring 2012, Vanessa Schwartz
sites -> Freedom through the Cultivation of Humanness: Philosophy, Psychology and the Authentic Self
sites -> Course title

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