Ir 212 (37740): History and International Relations Fall 2016

Course Guidelines and Expectations

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Course Guidelines and Expectations
Although this is a fairly large course, students are expected to actively participate. This includes: reading assigned texts before class, performing analysis and synthesis via preparation for section meetings, sharing one’s thoughts with others during class time, and listening to what others have to say.
In order to further our goal of informed and active participation in classroom, I ask that…

  1. You arrive to class on time.

  2. You attend class regularly.

  3. Electronic devices are kept in bags. This includes cell phones, tablets, and laptop computers. While these tools can be useful for some tasks, they are often a distraction in the classroom. Please respect your classmates’ and your own learning, and wait until after class to check texts, email, facebook, etc.

Directory: assets -> sites
sites -> Empire and the Reconstruction Constitution: Legal Change beyond the Courts
sites -> Richard a. Easterlin
sites -> Film, Power and American History: History 225g Fall 2010 Prof. Vanessa R. Schwartz
sites -> Revised September 6, 2011 hms iacuc pi/reviewer checklist for
sites -> Millions of the Mouthless Dead: Visions of the Dead in World War I poetry
sites -> The Academy Center for Teaching and Learning Harvard Medical School Classroom Learning Small Groups Statement of the Problem
sites -> Dowie’s Divine Healing and the Professionalization of Modern Medicine
sites -> Syllabus: History 514: Nineteenth Century Europe Spring 2012, Vanessa Schwartz
sites -> Freedom through the Cultivation of Humanness: Philosophy, Psychology and the Authentic Self
sites -> Course title

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