Ir 212 (37740): History and International Relations Fall 2016

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Course Objectives

This course will allow students to master the introductory tools necessary to engage in social science inquiry. Students will learn and be able to demonstrate through the course requirements the following key components of qualitative reasoning:

Critical Thinking: Students will use logical inference to pose and evaluate hypotheses, claims, questions and problems within social science.

Logical Integrity: Students will understand the logical structure of social science inquiry to distinguish between assumptions and implications.

Application to social processes: Students will be able to apply their qualitative reasoning to engage in real world empirical analysis of international relations problems and puzzles.
This course will focus on empirical analysis of historical events and formal reasoning:

Empirical Analysis Topics: logic of causation; case selection; necessary and sufficient conditions; generalizability of case evidence; use of primary sources.

Formal Reasoning Topics: Paradigms, theory and social research; research design; evaluation research; counterfactual reasoning; qualitative data analysis.

Directory: assets -> sites
sites -> Empire and the Reconstruction Constitution: Legal Change beyond the Courts
sites -> Richard a. Easterlin
sites -> Film, Power and American History: History 225g Fall 2010 Prof. Vanessa R. Schwartz
sites -> Revised September 6, 2011 hms iacuc pi/reviewer checklist for
sites -> Millions of the Mouthless Dead: Visions of the Dead in World War I poetry
sites -> The Academy Center for Teaching and Learning Harvard Medical School Classroom Learning Small Groups Statement of the Problem
sites -> Dowie’s Divine Healing and the Professionalization of Modern Medicine
sites -> Syllabus: History 514: Nineteenth Century Europe Spring 2012, Vanessa Schwartz
sites -> Freedom through the Cultivation of Humanness: Philosophy, Psychology and the Authentic Self
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