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Introduction to the Black Death

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Introduction to the Black Death

Activity 1: KWL

  • Create a KWL chart:

    • What do you already know about the Black Death: what was it, where did it occur, how did it affect the history of the world, and who did it affect?

    • What do you want to know about this topic?

    • What have you learnt?

  • Watch the video “Black Death: the Worst Plague in History”

  • Complete the third column of the KWL chart.

What I know

What I want to know

What I learned

Activity 2: Map Interpretation

  • Look at the timeline on page 259 of the Retroactive textbook.

  • What events happened before and after the Black Death? Where did these events take place? Mark each event on the timeline on a map.

Big Idea One

How were societies organised at the time of Black Death?

Learning Intentions:

  1. To identify and examine the structure of society during the Middle Ages, including the systems of government, trade routes, and living conditions.


In order to understand how and why the Black Death spread across Asia, Europe and Africa, it is necessary to look at how societies in these parts of the world were organised at the time, and what living and working conditions were like for the people there.

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