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Long-term impacts

  1. Breakdown of feudalism

  2. New wealth for survivors

  3. Improved hygiene and medical services

  4. Loss of church power

Activity 1: What if?

Respond to the following “what if?” questions, predicting what would have happened during the time of the Black Death if a variable was changed.

  1. What if hardly any royal or noble people had died?

  2. What if there was no trade route between East Asia and Europe? What would have happened to Europe?

  3. What would the following town look 20 years after the Black Death arrived?

Activity 2: Examining the long-term impacts

Use pages 280 to 281 of the Retroactive textbook to assist you with the following questions:

  1. Explain why some Europeans lost their religious beliefs, or their confidence in the Church, as a result of the Black Death pandemic.

  2. Why would massive depopulation impact a society so heavily?

  3. Answer with a or b:

    1. Research: In March 2011, many parts of Japanese society were destroyed by a tsunami. Like the Black Death, this disaster caused great loss of life and economic and psychological problems. Conduct some research to find out how this disaster affected Japanese society. Then, with a partner, construct a Venn diagram on an A3 sheet to compare and contrast its effects with those of the medieval Black Death

    1. Concept Map: Below is the start of a concept map detailing some of the impacts of the plague on the residents of a medieval town. In your notebook, copy and complete it, adding at least 8 new entries.

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