Inventory of American Labor Landmarks

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Allegheny Arsenal Explosion Monument

Pittsburgh, PA

Memorializes the 43 girls who were killed in the arsenal explosion on Sept. 17, 1862. A total of seventy-five workers died in the explosion, making it the worst industrial accident associated with the Civil War. In Allegheny Cemetery on Butler St.
American Federation of Teachers Building Chicago, IL

The Teachers Union first office in Chicago. Located at 3 South Wabash.

Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

Birmingham, AL

Located at 520 Sixteenth St. N., visitors to this gallery and museum journey through segregation and the civil rights movement. Across the street is the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church which was bombed in 1963 killing four girls; this infamous event happened less than 3 weeks after the historic March on Washington for Freedom and Jobs.
Bass, Charlotta, Mural

Los Angeles, CA

Eva Cockcroft's mural honors women and labor of LA, especially Charlotta Bass, who organized the Industrial Council to fight for the rights of workers under the slogan, "Don't spend your money where you cannot work." Over the door of a private library which archives the papers of Bass and of the Eagle, a black-owned newspaper of the 30s. On the north wall is the mural "Solidarity has no borders" by Mike Alewitz.
Boott Cotton Mills Museum,

Lowell, MA

The largest industrial museum in the nation outside the Smithsonian. On the grounds of Lowell National Historic Park, Boott Mill No. 6 ceased production in 1954.
Chavez, Cesar Sculpture (proposed)

Santa Monica National Recreation Area, CA

A sculpture to memorialize Cesar Chavez, organizer and leader of the Farm Workers Union is still being created.
China Wall of the Sierra

near Donner Pass, CA

A plaque dedicated in 1984, to workers of the trans-Sierra railroad. Exact location of the plaque is unknown yet at Donner Pass the retaining wall and fill still stand as a memorial to the Chinese workers who toiled to build this country's first transcontinental railroad in the late 1860s.
Firefighters of Michigan Monument

Roscommon, Mich.

Signs on I-75 mark the way to the inscribed stone, dedicated to the firefighters who protect the lives and homes of Michigan citizens.

Furuseth, Andrew, Memorial

San Francisco, Calif.

A bronze bust of union leader Andrew Furuseth, guards the outside entrance to the Sailors Union of the Pacific in San Francisco.

Garment Worker Statue

New York, N.Y.

A garment worker sits at his sewing machine portraying generations of immigrant needle-trades workers; 7th Ave. & 39th St. in Manhattan.
Gompers, Samuel Memorial

San Antonio, Tex.

The AFL-CIO, in 1982, erected this statue to the founder of the American Federation of Labor; located on San Antonio's Riverwalk.
Grape Crusher Statue

Southern Napa County, CA--North of Southern Crossing at Soscol on State Rt. 29.

A 15-foot sculpture depicts the barefoot figure of a winemaker operating a wine press. Created by Santa Fe artist, Gino Miles, to honor the Napa Valley farmworkers who labor in the vineyards of the winemaking region.
Haymarket Martyrs' Monument

Chicago, Ill.

The Haymarket Martyrs' Monument in Forest Home Cemetery, known throughout the world, commemorates the activists executed for their participation in the largest demonstration in the U.S. for the 8 hour day in 1886.
Henry, John, Monument

Talcott, W. Va.

The statue of John Henry, the steel driver, who in 1872 beat the steam drill and became the most sung about hero in American folklore, stands atop the Big Bend Tunnel on the C. & O. Railroad line.
ICWU/URW Worker Memorial

The International Chemical Workers Union and the United Rubber Workers Union unveiled this joint memorial on Workers Memorial Day, 1992. Dedicated to the members who have died in workplace tragedies.

Jones, Mary Harris "Mother", Memorial

Mount Olive, Ill.

Flanked by 2 bronze statues of coal miners, a granite spire marks the grave of Mother Jones (1830-1930), labor's most famous organizer and once called "the most dangerous woman in America."
Labor Hall of Fame

Washington, DC

Labor heroes and heroines are honored by the Dept. of Labor. Open Monday through Friday in the Francis Perkins Building on Constitution Ave.
Letter Carriers Centennial Monument

Milwaukee, Wis.

Life-size statue of letter carriers honors the men and women who hand-deliver the mail through rain, sleet and snow.
Ludlow Massacre Monument

Ludlow, Colo.

This somber monument marks the site where striking miners and their families were killed in their tent colony on April 20, 1914.
McGuire, Peter, Memorial

Merchantsville, N.J.

The United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners of America dedicated this memorial to their founder, Peter McGuire, in 1962.
Memphis Strike of 1968 Monument

Memphis, Tenn.

This stone recognizes the AFSCME Memphis city workers who were on strike in 1968 when Dr. Martin Luther King came to their aid.
Michigan Lumberman's Memorial

near Tawes City, Mich.

Located in a small park on Michigan's upper peninsula, overlooking the Au Sable River, this statue perpetuates the memory of Michigan lumber workers.
Murphy, John, Memorial

Denver, CO

John Murphy (1982-1908), one of the first labor attorneys, successfully fought in the courts for the 8-hour day. Nicknamed "Eight Hour Murphy".
Murray, Philip, Bridge

Canonsburg, Pa.

Spanning Chartiers Creek and near Curry Field, where steelworkers rallied in 1931, this bridge memorializes Philip Murray, founding member and past president of the United Steelworkers of America.
Postal Workers' Monument

Edmond, Okla.

The fountain and statue recall the 14 postal workers killed on the job in a violent episode in 1986.
Railroad Workers' Monument

Bloomington, Ill.

A five foot tall fire whistle commemorates thousands of railroad shop workers who contributed to building communities in central Illinois.
Randolph, A. Philip, Memorial

Boston, Mass.

The bronze statue in the New Back Bay Station pictures A. Philip Randolph (1889-1979), civil rights leader, founder and first president of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters.
Rooke, Sarah J., Monument

Folsom, NM

In honor of Sarah "Sally" Rooke, heroic telephone operator who , in 1908, gave her life in the line of duty. At age 65 she stayed at her post to notify citizens of rising flood waters. She died along with 17 other Folsomites.
SEIU Bas Relief

Washington, D.C.

The Service Employees International Union headquarters building features a bas relief depicting labor's progress.
Sponge Divers' Tribute

Tarpon Springs, FL

Plaque and statue honoring divers from twelve Grecian Isles who settled in Tarpon Springs to develop a sponge industry at the turn of the century. The Greek divers revolutionized the sponge industry by introducing to the United States the pressurized diving suits. The industry died when DuPont marketed its first synthetic sponge.
Talbot, Tom, Bust

Atlanta, Ga.

In Grant Park you will find the bust of Tom Talbot, founder and first president of the International Association of Machinists.
Triangle Fire Memorial Plaque

New York, N.Y.

Garment workers mark the site, near Washington Square, of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire of March 25, 1911 where 146 lost their lives.
Union Printers Home

Colorado Springs, Colo.

In 1891 the International Typographical Union constructed this home for union printers suffering from occupational disease; the Communications Workers of America now operate the home for retirees and their spouses.
Union Tavern

Milton, N.C.

Thomas Day, an early 19th century free African-American cabinet maker who achieved recognition for the superior quality of his craftsmanship, used this workshop.
White, John P., Gravesite

Des Moines, IA

Miners' leader in the Anthracite region of Pennsylvania, he fought for better working conditions and higher wages. National president of the UMWA from 1911-1917.
Workers Memorial Statue

Springfield, Ill.

Dedicated on Workers Memorial Day, 1992, this 3500 lb. bronze statue, on the lawn of the state capitol, features 3 figures - an injured worker attended by a co-worker and a strong forward-looking individual representing the future.

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