Inventory of American Labor Landmarks

Inventory of American Labor Landmarks

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Inventory of American Labor Landmarks

Criteria for Inclusion
The Inventory of American Labor Landmarks is a listing of historic places in the United States that are associated with events or individuals that made contributions to American labor history. To be listed, a landmark should commemorate labor history or heritage. Categories of interest to the Inventory are landmarks which:
1. are associated with significant events in labor history such as strikes and lockouts, or the development of unions;
2. are affiliated with individuals who have made significant contributions to labor history such as labor and political leaders, or which contain a narrative element depicting the individual's specific relationship to the labor movement;
3. commemorate workers who have been injured or killed on the job;
4. are associated with the history of union organizing and political activities such as historically significant meeting places and union halls or places where rallies and marches took place.
5. are historically significant working class neighborhoods and communities;
6. are illustrative of work process, worker skill, or technological change such as industrial production, agricultural labor, and household labor, only if they are related to the human element of work, as distinguished from the mechanical development of industry and technology.
To be listed, the landmark should contain a narrative element describing one or more of these categories, and that site should retain a physical or spiritual relationship with workers and unions. Examples of landmarks being inventoried are: monuments and memorials, historical markers, restored dwellings, labor and industrial museums, union halls, plaques, grave markers, murals and labor history tours.

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