Inventory of American Labor Landmarks

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Inventory Terms
monument or memorial - architectural or sculptural object or plaque that commemorates a person an event or an action. Difficult to distinguish between these 2 terms so use the term that the source states. Sometimes monuments are vertical (Washington Monument) and memorials are horizontal (Lincoln Memorial)
grave marker - a stone or plaque that marks the gravesite of an individual.
historical marker - a sign, stone or plaque that marks a historic site or event. Includes roadside signs.
union hall - a large room or building used for assembly of workers.
dwelling - a building designed or used as the living quarters for 1 or more families.
public sculpture - art representing figures and forms in relief or in 3-D. Not part of a private collection. Includes pieces located indoors and outdoors.
plaque - a flat plate, slab or disc that is ornamented or engraved and added to or set into a surface.
museum - an institution for the assembly and public display of any kind of collection, especially one of rare and/or educational value.
history tour - an educational journey to the past.
relief - an etching or sculpture that is raised above a background plate and not freestanding.
preservation area - a significant concentration, linkage or continuity of sites, buildings, structures or objects united historically or aesthetically by plan or physical development. of a permanent scheme of interior decoration.
heritage project - a work-in-progress that promotes the preservation of labor history sites and encourages cultural awareness through education.
industrial site - any area devoted predominantly to manufacturing. Includes explicit narrative describing work process, labor organization, worker skills or technological change.
mural - painting executed directly upon a wall surface or upon a panel or canvas for mounting upon a wall as part

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