Inventory of American Labor Landmarks

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Inventory of American Labor Landmarks
The Inventory of American Labor Landmarks is a listing of places in the United States that commemorate the history and heritage of America's workers. The Inventory identifies and publicizes these sites and encourages people to visit them. The Inventory is a project of the Labor Heritage Foundation, a non-profit organization which assists unions by dramatizing their concerns through artistic and cultural expression.
The Inventory of American Labor Landmarks promotes the preservation of historic landmarks which tell Labor's untold story. Landmarks include monuments and memorials, historic buildings, museums and labor history tours, public sculpture, historical markers and murals.
Discover heroes and heroines long gone. Find out about significant events in labor history such as union organizing and strikes. Learn how work and technology have changed people and communities. Become an advocate for unions and for working families who helped build this country through sacrifice and effort.
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