Inventions Assignment

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Inventions Assignment

Ice Box
Arron Wynn Block-7


Invented by Thomas Moore

Born -February 7,1478 Died- July 6, 1535

England, London (Great Britain)

Catholic church saint, attended St Anthony's school, studied at oxford for 2 years.made the Ice Box because he needed to find a way to transport butter from his farm in Maryland to Washington D.C

Known for book Utopia and being King Henry VIII important counselor/key counselor.


The Ice Box was first invented in 1802

It was first used in his home in Montgomery County, Maryland, It was first used to keep butter firm instead of soft melted tubs.

It operated by using tin or zinc with insulating materials and a block of ice on a tray.

Yes it is currently still being used however it has been adapted changed and improved into a “ refrigerator”

The impact

This invention greatly impacted society of all different professions.

Long term this invention “ even though being changed to more modern” it has been used to store and keep items cold. Health professionals use this for stroing and to keep medicine at very low temperatures.

The icebox lowered the proce on goods, because people were using it to store goods and didnt need to go to the stores as much. This invention also helped with the populations health becasue consumers can consume foods more freshly.

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