Introductory Weekend: mindfulness 22-24 January Young Women's Weekend

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Regional Order Weekend: northern

15-17 January

Cost: £25 per night
Introductory Weekend: mindfulness

22-24 January

Young Women's Weekend

29-31 January Lindsay Hannah + Vajratara

Calling all young women to meet and practise together, to discuss what is alive for us as young women on the path, and have fun! We will also explore how the blueprint for a new world, described by Sangharakshita in 1976, relates to us today -- how we as young women are transforming ourselves and the world into a spiritual community. (Aimed at women in their late teens, 20s and 30s) (Intermediate)
Regional Order Weekend: western

5-7 February

Cost: £25 per night
Work as Practice

7-12 February Taravandana

What percentage of our lives do we spend working? Why do we do it? Just to earn a living or as a means to enlightenment? Come and explore how to get the job done effectively at the same time as deepening your practice and sense of satisfaction. (Intermediate)
Generating the Bodhi Resolve: spiritual rebirth

12-21 February Dhammadassin, Kulaprabha,

Saddhanandi + Samantabhadri

A meditation retreat about Self, Other and the Great Resolve that goes beyond both. Using Vasubandhu's Four Factors ('elements or causes that contribute to a result'), we will explore the resolve necessary to generate Bodhicitta, and how that resolve is born. Recollection of the Buddhas, seeing the faults of conditioned existence, observing the suffering of beings, and contemplating the qualities of the Tathagathas - together these can catalyse the tension, explosion and breakthrough we call spiritual death and spiritual rebirth, the third and fourth aspects of the WBO system of meditation. (For women who have asked for ordination)

Awakening the Heart

22-26 February Suchitta

Do we have to settle for a career, money and the pursuit of pleasure as the central purpose of existence? The Buddha says emphatically no. Come and spend five days exploring the Metta Bhavana meditation practice, the development of universal loving-kindness, and see whether generosity can replace greed, kindness replace hatred, and creativity replace fear. (For all levels of experience)
Brahma Viharas: meditation

26 Feb-5 March Saddhanandi

Full instruction on the Brahma Viharas: metta, karuna, mudita and uppekha, (love, compassion, sympathetic joy and equanimity). It’s a chance to reflect on our responses to other people and the world, and to deepen our understanding of how 'self' complicates life! It will include some short workshops or talks; periods of formal silence; and a chance for individual meditation reviews. (Intermediate)
Yoga and Meditation Weekend

12-14 March Samadevi

Come and relax and bring yoga and meditation into your life! Safely enjoy yoga postures in the lovely surroundings of Taraloka, while engaging your breath with movement and meditation. Although regrettably not appropriate for pregnancy nor chronic physical ailments, the weekend is suitable for those new to yoga/meditation and offers a refreshing top-up to those with more experience. (For all levels of experience)
Introductory Weekend: loving-kindness

26-28 March

One Moment at a Time

28 March-2 April Vidyamala + Saddhanandi

'Your old life was a frantic running from silence…Wake up like someone suddenly born into colour.' (Rumi). Learn mindfulness and wake up to the beauty of the moment in the tranquil surroundings at Taraloka. With sitting, walking and lying down meditation, mindfulness in daily life and mindful movement based on yoga and pilates. (For all levels of experience)
Spring Retreat: meditation

2-9 April Samantabhadri, Guhyaprabha + Tarakarunya

As the light lengthens and spring arrives, Taraloka is very beautiful. A time of new life and past memories, a chance to practise sitting and walking meditations, reflection, Buddhist ritual and silence: supported by a Dharmic theme, presentations and guidance in meditation. And all amongst the blossom and the birdsong! (Intermediate)
Yoga Intensive

9-16 April Shuddhasara + Sahajamani

An intensive yoga retreat for women with at least six months of current yoga experience. Each day will include a two-hour yoga session in the morning and a slightly shorter one in the afternoon (for quieter work). There will also be periods of meditation to start and end the day. Shuddhasara is a qualified Junior Level Two Intermediate Iyengar Yoga Teacher and committed to her own practice and to teaching yoga. (For all levels of experience)

Teacher's fee for the week: £50

View, Myth and Practice

16-23 April Kulaprabha + Saddhanandi

We are unaware of the views and myths that drive our lives. This retreat will explore the nature of views and how they connect with some of the myths of Dharma practice (self-development, self-discovery and self-surrender) that underpin different Buddhist traditions. We will also share how those myths manifest in our lives. Separately each myth has strengths and weaknesses, but together they weave a rich mandala of spiritual practice. (Intermediate)
Sadhana as a Way of Life

23-30 April Dhammadinna + Parami

'Sadhana is a systematic spiritual practice of a devotional cum meditative nature.' (Sangharakshita ) At ordination our preceptor witnesses our connection with and devotion towards a particular Buddha or bodhisattva. Sadhana is the practice or mandala of practices we engage with to keep that connection alive. Together we will explore different aspects of Sadhana: theoretical, practical and mythical. We will look at how we engage individually and also how our particular Sadhana practice can contribute to the unity of the Order. (For Order Members)
Brahma Vihara Practices: meditation

30April-3 May Kulaprabha

These meditations are a fourfold extension and development of the metta bhavana meditation on loving-kindness. We’ll do all four over the weekend, exploring loving-kindness, compassion, gladness and equanimity. Step by step they unlock the ever-present key moment that leads to freedom. The freedom of deeper awareness and all-pervading interconnectedness. (For all levels of experience)
Awareness is Revolutionary: mindfulness

7-16 May Vidyamala + Saddhanandi

Discover the radical brilliance of the Satipatthana Sutta as a practical guide to freedom. Meditate on the four ways of establishing mindfulness: body, sensations, emotions, and dhammas. Learn both samatha and vipassana approaches to practice. Explore how mindfulness includes deep kindness. With teaching input, meditation reviews and deep silence. (For women who have asked for Ordination)
Tara the Protector

17-22 May Samantabhadri, Tarakarunya + Samadevi

Explore the qualities of Tara and all that they could bring to our world. Green Tara embodies the richness of nature, is fearless and actively compassionate. White Tara holds the mystery of moonlight, is contemplative and wise. We will open our hearts to these beautiful female figures through meditation, Buddhist devotional practice, reflection and short presentations. (For all levels of experience)
FWBO International Retreat

28 May-1 June

Join 500 of us from across Europe for a weekend of meditation, puja, talks, and children’s activities, led by some of the FWBO's most experienced and inspiring teachers. This event is run jointly by Buddhafield, Taraloka, and the European Chairs Assembly. Look out for more information at your local centre or on the website.
National Order Weekend

3-6 June

Cost: £25 per night
Lifting the Veil: Yogacara Teachings on the Nature of Mind

11-18 June Vajradarshini + Kulaprabha

Every thing in our world is showing us reality, yet all we see is what we expect to see. These teachings show us how we create our world and how we can transform it. A meditation retreat with teachings, led reflections, poetry, film and periods of silence. (Intermediate)
Introductory Weekend: meditation and Buddhism

18-20 June

Towards Insight: reflection and meditation

25 June-2 July Suchitta

Most of the time we could be just sitting back...and enjoying the universe’ (Sangharakshita). Really? Come to Taraloka and do just that in ideal conditions. Through reflective exercises on a series of themes, this valuable and important practical introduction to reflection and contemplation will guide us towards a truer understanding of how things are. The retreat is based on a module in Year 4 of the Dharma Training Course. (For mitras)
Yoga and Meditation Weekend

9-11 July Samadevi

Come and relax and bring yoga and meditation into your life! Safely enjoy yoga postures in the lovely surroundings of Taraloka, while engaging your breath with movement and meditation. Although regrettably not appropriate for pregnancy nor chronic physical ailments, the weekend is suitable for those new to yoga/meditation and offers a refreshing top-up to those with more experience. (For all levels of experience)
Teaching the Vimalakirti Nirdesa

11-16 July Kulaprabha + Dhammadassin

This text is one of three Mahayana sutras which Sangharakshita has particularly emphasised in his teaching and seminars and published as “The Inconceivable Emancipation.” We’re aiming to further your ability to lead study, reflections and meditations on the text itself. It’s one of the earliest Perfection of Wisdom texts and it's inspiring, amusing and challenging. (For Order Members)
The Body of Evidence: body, movement, meditation

16-23 July Dhammagita

A synthesis of meditation, movement, energy work, the arts and sensitivity exercises. Focussing our awareness in our physical experience. Opening fully to sensations of the substances, energies, movements and resistances of the bodymind. Embracing the ordinary/extraordinary experience of the pleasure and pain of being human. Revealing the body as teacher, guide and doorway to awakening. Dhammagita's background: bodywork, art and training with body meditation. (Intermediate)
Open Afternoon

Sunday 25 July: 2-5pm

No charge
Becoming More Human

26-30 July Dhammagita

Meditation: airy-fairy naval gazing or practical tools to develop awareness, clarity, energy and positive emotion? Buddhism: head in the clouds religion or down to earth guide to being human and finding happiness? Find out how meditation and Buddhism can help our lives and make us more human. Led meditations, talks, workshops, discussions and a taste of silence. (For all levels of experience)
Summer Retreat: meditation

30 July-6 August Samantabhadri, Guhyaprabha + Tarakarunya

Amongst the richness of high summer, harvest fields, and spacious skies, enjoy the opportunity for sitting and walking meditation, reflection, Buddhist ritual, silence and personal space. A deepening experience of mindfulness and positive emotion will be supported by a Dharmic theme, presentations and guidance in meditation. (For all levels of experience)
Gateways to Freedom: spiritual death

6-15 August Vajradarshini + Kulaprabha

Finding freedom isn’t about going elsewhere, real freedom is only to be found here and now. If we go deeply enough into our experience, in the light of the Dharma, we’ll find a gateway. A mostly silent meditation retreat with teachings on the skandhas, the laksanas and vimoksa mukhas. (For women who have asked for ordination)
Conscious Ageing

15-20 August Amitaratna

A retreat for anyone moving into or in their retirement, wanting to explore what this ‘third age’ can mean for them. "If we don't know what we are doing, we can't do what we want". We'll work with various mindfulness techniques to encourage conscious engagement with the changes of older life so that we can develop a flexible response and get the most from this significant period of our lives. (For all levels of experience)
Introductory Weekend: mindfulness

20-22 August

The Essential Sangharakshita

27 Aug-3 Sept: full week

27-30 August: weekend Kulaprabha, Vajradarshini, Samantabhadri + Saddhanandi

What is it that makes a teaching indispensable? In a culture of consumerism, with its hallmark of choice and quantity, do we have the courage to focus our Buddhist practice on the essentials? The title of the retreat is the title of the book we’ll be referring to. Come and take a look at your life through the lens of some of these teachings. Explore them in study groups, reflections and meditation. (Intermediate)

Mindfulness Matters

5-10 September Jyotipakshini

Periodic bouts of stress or depression? Negative feelings, judgemental thoughts, undermine yourself? Keen to change? Then this retreat is for you! Mindfulness approach, gentle movement, thinking, talking, writing, reflecting, specific strategies to halt the downward spiral, plenty of peace and space, time to develop a kinder perspective.

NB: this retreat is not for people who are acutely ill or who wish to be passive recipients of support and advice. Nor is it a substitute for professional therapy. (For all levels of experience)
How to cook Vegetarian and Vegan Food and Stay Healthy

10-13 September Taravandana + Maitrimala

Cook tasty, nutritional meals in small teams with lots of support, tips and recipes, and you get to eat the results! There will also be information on nutrition and the opportunity to discuss planning meals. Practise mindfulness in meditation and also when preparing and eating food. (For all levels of experience)
Gardening and Meditation

10-13 September Suchitta

An opportunity to practise meditation on and off the cushion. As the season changes, come and help prepare the gardens. If you’re a keen gardener, come and share your knowledge, and come if you think a trowel is just for slapping cement around (it’s not!). Enjoy the benefits of a long weekend in the country in good company, with good food, good exercise and good meditation! (For all levels of experience)
Chant: a path to devotion

17-24 September Vajragupta + Ambaranta

Milarepa and Machig Labdron, Yogi and Yogini both born in the eleventh century. Their voices resound across the intervening centuries: Milarepa through Enlightened songs; Machig through Wisdom teachings. Bringing to life these figures by inviting their presence, we'll create voice offerings, mantras and pujas together with the support of workshops, meditation and much more. (Intermediate)
Introductory Weekend: loving-kindness

1-3 October

Private Preceptors Retreat

8-16 October

Cost: £25 per night
Another Moment at a Time

17-22 October Vidyamala + Saddhanandi

Building on the themes of the popular One Moment at a Time retreat that Vidyamala has led since 2003. Go deeper in your mindfulness practice and learn more about what the Buddha had to say about freedom. Includes sitting, walking and lying down meditation, mindfulness in daily life and mindful movement. (For anyone who has attended a One Moment at a Time retreat)
Silent Retreat

22-29 October: full week

22-25 October: weekend Samantabhadri + Samadevi

Sangharakshita: 'It is the pauses that make beautiful the music of our lives. It is the empty spaces that give richness and significance to them. And it is stillness that makes them truly useful.' In this meditation retreat, we will be together in complete silence, supported by guidance in meditation and the opportunities for individual meditation reviews. (Intermediate)

Yoga and Meditation Weekend

29-31 October Samadevi

Come and relax and bring yoga and meditation into your life! Safely enjoy yoga postures in the lovely surroundings of Taraloka, while engaging your breath with movement and meditation. Although regrettably not appropriate for pregnancy nor chronic physical ailments, the weekend is suitable for those new to yoga/meditation and offers a refreshing top-up to those with more experience. (For all levels of experience)
Purify the Heart: positive emotion

5-14 November Ratnavandana, Kulaprabha,

Saddhanandi + Samantabhadri

The world needs the Brahma Viharas now more than ever - they represent the most purified sublime states of mind possible. Although it may not always feel like it, they are our own heart's natural state once we are free from what obscures them. Just as the sun is always shining beyond the deepest clouds, so too love, compassion, joy and equanimity shine within our own hearts. We just need to break through those clouds! (For women who have asked for ordination)

Writing Retreat: self on the page

19-26 November Vidyamayi + Samantabhadri

Come and explore the connections between autobiographical writing and Buddhist spiritual practice. Each of our lives is unique and has its own stories. Through creative writing, meditation, workshop activities and simply enjoying ourselves, we can share our stories and start to know ourselves more deeply. No previous writing experience is needed. (For all levels of experience)
12-into-5: A toolbox for recovery

26-30 November Padumachitta, Vajralila, Amitaratna,

Karunadhi + Jenny

Recovery, Meditation, Reflection. Good advice. But how? What's in your recovery toolbox? Through workshops, talks and led meditations, learn a number of new tools to add to the ones you already have. Primarily a meditation and reflection retreat with a chance to learn, share, celebrate and deepen our clean and sober lives. (For women 8 months clean/sober/or time in a Program of Recovery: 12 Step or other.)

Introductory Weekend: meditation and Buddhism

10-12 December

Christmas Oasis

24-28 December Saddhanandi

A few days outside the busyness of Christmas allow us to re-engage with meditation and Dharma practice. Within this pool of stillness and quiet our minds can begin to recuperate and, like an oasis, leave us feeling refreshed and expansive. For more details check website nearer date. (For all levels of experience)
New Year retreat: meditation

29 Dec-5 January Guhyaprabha + Samantabhadri

The ending of the old year, the coming of the new, a natural time for contemplation and engaging with what we value. Then there's the mysterious quietness of the landscape, the earth quietly renewing itself and the light changing. It's a great chance for meditation, reflection, ritual, silence and inspiration. (Intermediate)

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