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New York Recipe for “the Loaf”348

“Three one-pound loaves a day made of flour, milk, yeast, sugar and lesser amounts of margarine, salt and shredded carrots and potatoes. Plus, there's a side order of cabbage. One cup, raw. And water.”
“A few years ago, nutritionists changed the recipe to lighten the loaf, adding white flour instead of whole wheat and adding margarine.”
“Said one prison official, ‘There used to be liver added to it.’”


Oregon and Washington Recipe for “Nutra-Loaf”349

10 pounds of ground beef or ground chicken

1 cup celery, sliced

1 cup carrots, sliced

1 cup beans (white, red, chili, baked)

1 cup cooked rice (white or brown)

1 cup of apples (cored), chopped

1 cup of tomato product (such as diced tomatoes or salsa)

2 cup of cabbage, chopped

2 cups of miscellaneous vegetables (corn, peas, green beans)

8 cups of oatmeal (or bread chunks or crackers)

1 dozen eggs

1/4 cup seasoning salt

2 cups of potatoes (mashed, or dehydrated, scalloped or fresh, diced)
Run everything through a grater or chopper. Shape into two meatloaf-shaped loaves on cookie sheets or other large, flat pans. Cover with foil. Bake two hours at 325 degrees or until done. Makes approximately 20 servings of 10 ounces each.

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