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What I was most impressed with is the large differences between the recipes. Illinois’ recipes294 were blander than bland. It would not take long to grow very weary of either one. The garlic powder helped a bit, but if it was an attempt to stimulate the prisoner’s palettes it was a rather halfhearted effort. The California recipe295 was pretty good. The chili powder is an honest attempt to liven the food up, and it succeeded. The Oregon and Washington dish,296 with its call for a massive amount of meat, is a clear win for the inmates but likely not for the taxpayers. Depending on what food is served to the typical prisoners of the Northwest, some may actually want to get themselves placed on Nutraloaf for short periods. Maryland’s recipe,297 however, certainly seems like punishment. It may have been “accidentally repulsive” the very first time it was created, but the unpleasantness must currently be intentional. Even if no prison employee has ever tasted it the odor is clearly disgusting. If you think you might be prone to behavior problems while behind bars, try not to get caught in Maryland – or Vermont298 or Virginia299 for that matter.

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