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ERA PRIORITY 1 - Effective national research systems

Croatia - National legislation to reform publically funded research and innovation supported by the Croatian Scientific Foundation as central, independent funding body for science and research

The new Act on Science and Higher Education (adopted in July 2013) marked the beginning of a series of reforms. The Act brings changes in the financing and governance system of the public research activities aiming at increasing the efficiency of the RDI system. Part of the money devoted in the state budget to scientific activities is given directly, via multiyear performance based contracts, to the autonomous disposal of public universities and public research institutes, thus increasing their responsibility, accountability and promoting the abandonment of direct state management of science activities.

According to the amendments to the Act on the Croatian Scientific Foundation (CFS) adopted in July 2012 by the Croatian Parliament, the CFS became the central, independent place for the concentration of the national financial instruments of support for the scientific project activities. In this way a strong boost to the transition from state management to state supervision of the scientific sector in Croatia was achieved. An increase of the size and relevance of the scientific projects, support to excellent researchers and projects, set-up of national user labs, establishment of a matching funds scheme for EU framework programs, installation grants for young scientists and synergies with the Unity through Knowledge Fund (UKF) are only some of the provisions implied in the new Act.

Denmark - ERAC Peer review contributes to national innovation strategy in 2012 followed up by simplification of existing funding bodies into Innovation Fund Denmark in 2014

Following an open broad dialogue with various stakeholders and the ERAC peer review of the Danish innovation system, the Danish Government launched a new national innovation strategy in December 2012. The strategy focuses on the efficient translation of knowledge into economic growth and the solution of societal challenges through public-private partnerships on innovation. At operational level, a catalogue of societal challenges, where public-private partnerships can provide innovative solutions, was outlined in dialogue with stakeholders (“The Innovation+ Catalogue”), and accompanying funding was allocated on the national budget.

Furthermore, a new Innovation Fund Denmark has been established in 2014 by the merger of three previous funding bodies aiming to provide a more demand driven and simplified funding system for strategic research and innovation.


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