How does this contribute to the objective?

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How does this contribute to the objective?

The ERA Progress Report 2014 shows a significant positive correlation between the existence of national laws, strategies and incentives specifically aimed at fostering institutional change and concrete action by RPOs (including gender equality plans).

Actions to promote this

At National level Member States and Associated Countries should develop policies on gender equality in RPOs, and regularly monitoring their effectiveness and adjusting measures as necessary. RPOs should in turn review and enhance their policies for gender equality in research and ensure their implementation. Special attention should be paid to areas where women are underrepresented (for instance in senior positions and in research management) and to the funding schemes and disciplines where the imbalances are greatest.

At National and European level, Member States and Associated Countries should work with the European Commission to identify good practices which could be incorporated into their national systems. Gaps in crosscutting gender equality legislation at EU and national levels should also be addressed: equality is a fundamental value of the EU but research systems tend to display exceptions that foster inequalities.

At European level Horizon 2020’s approaches to gender mainstreaming and incorporating gender perspectives in research should be promoted as good practice in RFOs, RPOs and other international collaborations. Gender equality plans should be addressed in other relevant ERA priorities (notably Priority 3) and in the JPIs.

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