AIMS DCMS and its Public Bodies will

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    1. DCMS and its Public Bodies will:

      • aim to ensure that disabled people, including children and young people (in line with the Core Principles), are fully consulted and their needs considered as policies are developed;

      • take positive steps to promote equality for disabled people.

    1. Actions

  • DCMS will work closely with its Public Bodies, the cultural, heritage, sporting and leisure sectors, disabled people, disability organisations and other Government Departments (OGDs) to implement and review the Framework for Action.

Timing: Framework to be implemented from Autumn 2003 and reviewed annually.

  • DCMS will produce an annual progress report on the Disability Framework for Action which will be published on its website and made available in alternative formats. The report will be based on input from DCMS policy divisions and Public Bodies;

Timing: DCMS to request information in April each year and a report to be published in July.

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