Introduction to Writing Lessons

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Homework/Extension: Read “Disappearing Ink” by Todd Gitlin, an essay by a professor stressing the importance of note-taking in class. Answer questions 1-4.
Activities (Day 2):

  1. Class will discuss points raised in “Disappearing Ink.”

  2. Class will look at several student models of note-taking from yesterday.

  3. Points to review:

Bullets make sense for a listening passage as paragraph breaks may not be clear when listening. Since it is impossible to copy down all examples, try to take down main ideas and listen to illustrative examples. Also, sometimes short phrases that seem especially clear or insightful are the best lines to try to get verbatim. It is impossible to get entire sentences verbatim, so just jot down phrases instead. It’s a good idea to look back over notes from class, perhaps editing, typing or ruminating on ideas presented.

  1. Students will listen to “Be Specific” by Natalie Goldberg (in Models for Writers: Short Essays for Composition) read by the teacher, taking notes in light of the note-taking principles reviewed and the modeled teacher notes discussed.

  2. Students will hand in their notes at the end of class to be graded according to rubric.

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