Introduction to Writing Lessons

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Activities (Day 1):

Do Now: Take a few minutes to brainstorm what you think are the criteria for good notes taken from class discussions.

  1. Read handout on note-taking as a class, stopping to discuss basic principles. Also introduce different options for note-taking organization, stressing that any style will do as long as it helps students.

  2. Students will take notes while listening to “The Case for Short Words” by Richard Lederer (in Models for Writers: Short Essays for Composition) read by the teacher.

  3. The whole class will look at teacher’s prepared notes and compare to the notes that they took.

  4. Discuss the choices made by the teacher in terms of following note-taking principles, including choosing main ideas and organizing.

  5. Discuss how student-created notes compare to teacher’s notes.

  6. Students will hand in their notes at the end of class so that superior student models can be copied and distributed tomorrow.

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