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Evidence of Accomplishment/Student work

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Evidence of Accomplishment/Student work: Two-three paragraph response to a prompt based on information garnered from listening to a passage, and taking and organizing notes.

Allyson Sklover

English Department

Brooklyn Technical High School

Lesson 2
Note-Taking Tips, Practice and Modeling
Lesson Objective: To practice listening and taking notes for information and understanding.

Aim: To employ the basic principles of note taking.

ELA Standard: 10th Grade Writing Performance Indicator: Standard 1: Students will read, listen, and speak for information and understanding (Take notes and organize information from written and oral texts, such as lectures and interviews).

Core Performance Indicator: Use an organizational format that provides direction, coherence, and/or unity.

Materials: Handout on note taking principles, sample handout of teacher-created notes (teacher should create handwritten notes in an effort to mimic students’ condition), “Disappearing Ink” by Todd Gitlin to be distributed for homework, note-taking rubric and two short essays for reading aloud in class, “The Case for Short Words” and “Be Specific,” both available in Models for Writers: Short Essays for Composition (this lesson can work with any short essays, lectures, articles, speeches, etc. These two essays are provided purely as possible samples.)

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