Introduction to Writing Lessons

Core Performance Indicator

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Core Performance Indicator: Understand the purpose for writing; the purpose may be to explain, describe, narrate, persuade, or express feelings.

Materials: “I Am Writing Blindly” essay by Roger Rosenblatt from Time, November 6, 2000.

Activities (Day 1):

Do Now: Take a few minutes to brainstorm reasons why writing is important for people.

  1. Students are asked to jot down notes as they listen to the passage read aloud for the first time.

  2. Students have two-three minutes to review their notes and jot down any additional information they recall or ideas they have about the passage.

  3. Students are asked to listen to the passage again; this time they are asked to write down one sentence, phrase or clause from the essay that they find especially significant or meaningful.

  4. Students have another two-three minutes to look over their notes and add anything a second time.

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