Introduction to Writing Lessons

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Do Now: Take a few minutes to reflect on the different prewriting activities that we have engaged in. Which of them best suited you? Which best suited this prompt?

  1. Have small groups of students move around the room to view each gallery station. Each station will have one type of prewriting activity with student examples and sheets of paper for students to comment on each other’s work.

  2. After the gallery walk students are to sit down and write a paragraph that explains how these prewriting techniques can be used to inform the next step of the writing process: drafting.

  3. Ask students to share their thoughts on prewriting techniques in general, the examples around the room and their plans on incorporating prewriting into the next phase of the writing process.

  4. At this point, teachers should have collected examples of lists, journal entries, annotated texts, questions, reflection paragraphs, etc.

Homework/Extension: Collect all of your prewriting examples and read through them, we will begin to discuss how to use these materials when drafting.

Evidence of Accomplishment/Student work: A portfolio of lists, journal entries, annotated texts, question, reflection paragraph from talking and listening and the paragraph written in class today, that considers how these things will help towards writing a first draft for the paper.

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