Introduction to Writing Lessons

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Do Now: Answer the following question: What does it mean to “annotate a text”?

  1. Ask students for their responses and provide them with the following definition: To furnish (a literary work) with critical commentary or explanatory notes; gloss. (from American Heritage Dictionary).

  2. Give students one of the photo-copied passages and talk them through your process of annotating the text. Circle, underline, summarize, define, ask questions of the text, etc.

  3. Ask students how they can use information from annotating the text in their essays.

  4. Have students annotate the second photo-copied passage on their own.

  5. Discuss the process with them.

  6. At this point, teachers should have collected examples of lists, journal entries, annotated texts, questions, reflection paragraphs, etc. Teachers should make copies of examples in order to display tomorrow.

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