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Writing Process: Free-Writing Lesson

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Writing Process: Free-Writing Lesson

Second Lesson in a Weeklong Series of Five Lessons
Lesson Objective: To use the writing process by using the prewriting activity of free-writing.

Aim: To free-write on the writing prompt: “To gain that which is worth having, it may be necessary to lose everything else.”

ELA Standard: ELA HS Writing Core Performance Indicators: Use the writing process (e.g. prewriting, drafting, revising, proofreading, and editing) and Use prewriting activities (e.g., brainstorming, freewriting, note taking, outlining, and paragraphing).

Materials: Handout on Free-writing from Natalie Goldberg’s Writing Down the Bones. Transparencies, overhead projector and markers (Teacher-modeled free-writing could be done on the board as well).

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