Introduction to The Medieval Period

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Introduction to The Medieval Period Name:



A. Read pp. 22-26 and answer the following questions.

1. What are the dates of the Medieval Period?
2. Define:

  • feudalism--

  • chivalry—

  • The Crusades—

  • mystery and miracle plays—

  • morality plays—

  • Medieval romances—

3. What language was spoken in Britain during the Medieval Period?

4. What are 2 changes that happened as a result of the growth of towns?

4. What was the only unifier of Western Europe at that time?

8. Why did people make pilgrimages to Canterbury?

9. What was the Magna Carta and how did it come about?

B. Author Study: Geoffrey Chaucer (pg. 107)

10. Chaucer is referred to as England’s First Great Writer because he was the first writer to make writing in ___________________ popular when the noble language of the time was _______________.

11. Chaucer was born sometime between __________ and __________.

12. His family made money in the __________ and __________ trades.

13. Chaucer served as an __________ in the household of ____________________.

14. He was appointed _______________ of _______________ for _______________ in 1374.

15. In 1396, Chaucer was appointed ____________________ and a member of ____________________.

16. His two greatest literary achievements are ____________________ and ____________________.

17. The Canterbury Tales was begun around _______ A.D. and was a collection of _______________ and _______________ that were framed by the idea of _______________ on their way to ___________________.

18. Chaucer died in __________ and was buried in ____________________.

19. This began the ____________________ in which many other ___________________ are buried.
C. The Life and Times of Chaucer (pg. 139)
20. What is the main purpose of this passage and how does it relate to our study?

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