Introduction to Ethic Decision Making Introduction

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Ways of Thinking:

Kidder draws from the field of Moral Philosophy to describe different ways of thinking about ethical decision making. He describes three:

1. Ends Based: Known to philosophers as “utilitarianism”, this principle is best known by the maxim “Do whatever produces the greatest good for the greatest number”.
2. Rules Based: This principle is best know as the “categorical imperative”. Rules exist for a purpose, they promote order and justice and should be followed. Follow the principle that you want others to follow. “Stick to your principles and let the chips fall where they may”.
3. Care Based: Putting love for others first. It is most associated with the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
Once it is determined that the problem is not a right vs. wrong, that indeed an ethical dilemma exists. One examines how one is thinking about the situation and begins to try and resolve the dilemma.

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