Introduction to Ethic Decision Making Introduction

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Moral Temptation:

Moral temptation is a decision about right vs. wrong and is based clearly on the core values that each person possesses.

There are three ways of being wrong:

-Violation of the law;

-Departure from the truth;

-Deviation from moral rectitude.

Decisions about right vs. wrong can be assessed by testing the idea according to the following principles:
1. The Legal Test: Is law breaking involved? If yes, the issue is one of obedience to the enforceable laws of the land, as opposed to the unenforceable canons of moral code. If the answer is, “yes it is legal” there are three other tests for right vs. wrong:
2. The Stench Test: Does this course of action have about it an indefinable odor of corruption that makes you recoil? This is a “gut test” and a “gut level” determination. Always listen to your gut because it tests your internal code of morality at the psychological level;

3. The Front Page Test: How would you feel if what you are about to do showed up tomorrow morning on the front pages of the nation’s newspaper? What would your response if a decision made in private suddenly became public? This is a test of your social mores;

4. The Mom Test: If I were my Mother, what would I do?” or “If Mom knew about this what would she think?” This is about the moral exemplar who cares deeply about you and means a great deal to you. Put yourself in another’s shoes and think about what you are on the verge of doing. It might well be wrong.
All these fall into the category of Moral Temptation or Right vs. Wrong.

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