Introduction to Ethic Decision Making Introduction

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Introduction to Ethic Decision Making

What does the word Ethical mean? According to Webster’s New World Dictionary (1979) it means:

1. Having to do with ethics; or of conforming to moral standards.
2. Conforming to professional standards of conduct.
3. Reflection on moral standards and decision making processes
Ethical includes: Morals, values, tolerance, and discipline with all these terms sometimes used interchangeably with ethics.
The Core Values undergirding ethical thinking are the principles of:
1. Nonmaleficence- Do no harm;

2. Beneficence- Promote good;

3. Justice- Equality and right, fairness.
Rushworth Kidder, in his book How Good People Make Tough Choices: Resolving the Dilemmas of Ethical Living, suggests that decision making is driven by our core values, morals and integrity and falls into two categories: Moral Temptations and Ethical Decisions.

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