Introduction to a raisin in the Sun: The American Dream

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belief in progress;

  • the conviction that everybody can realize his highest ambitions by means of his or her own endeavors, that is, the belief in the general attainability of success;

  • the certainty that God has singled out America as his chosen country and has appointed the Americans to convert the rest of the world to true American-style democracy, that is, the belief in American exceptionalism and in the newly formed nation’s MANIFEST DESTINY:

  • the assurance that, in the context of civilizations westward movement, ever new boundaries are to be crossed and ever new obstacles are to be surmounted, that is, the idea of the continual challenge of respective frontiers;

  • the belief in the American form of government of the people, by the people and for the people as the sole guarantor of liberty and equality, and

  • the idea that immigrants of different nationalities, different ethnic stock and different religions can be fused into a new nation, that is, the conviction expressed in the notion of the MELTING POT and its historical mutations from cultural pluralism through multi-ethnicity to multiculturalism.

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