Introduction The Twist of Gold is written by Michael Morpurgo. It’s about two children who are looking for their dad and get lost in America and have to find their father before it’s too late

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My Book Review on Twist of Gold by Michael Morpurgo

The Twist of Gold is written by Michael Morpurgo. It’s about two children who are looking for their dad and get lost in America and have to find their father before it’s too late. They are all alone because they think their mother died and they have to find their dad. Its all about a special necklace called a golden torc which has been in the O’Brien’s family for more than a hundred years. Here is a picture of a golden torc.

The Twist of Gold is telling the story about two kids called Annie and Sean O’Brien. They live in Ireland in a little cottage with their sick and dying mother. Their father is somewhere in America looking for a farm. One day Sean and Annie went to the river to get food, they meet a soldier. He offers Annie and Sean to go on a ship to America to find their father and escape a plaque that is coming to Ireland. Before they leave for America their mother has given them the special golden torc. It is so special because it is the O’Brien’s for more than a hundred years so they have to protect it.
On the ship the captain thought Annie and Sean had stolen the necklace so the captain took it and put it in his safe. One the boat they met a fiddler called fiddler Donnelly who is teaching Sean how to play the fiddle and Annie how to dance and sing to it.

One awful day a big storm is coming. Before fiddler Donnelly is helping other passengers he gave his fiddle to Sean. In the fiddle he was hiding the torc that he had stolen from the captain. Everyone died in the storm. Only Sean and Annie survived.

Annie and Sean arrived in America and had to find their way to Boston where they hoped to find their dad. When they reached Boston they couldn’t find him and they thought he had died. They had to sleep on the cold snowy streets. A guy called Little Luke, Miss Henry and her sister Miss Martha came to take care of Annie because she was really hungry. They took Annie and Sean to their big house. On Christmas Eve Annie and Sean decided to travel to California to look for their dad. Little Luke, Annie and Sean are travelling on Little Luke’s wagon.
One night when they are camping Annie and Sean are making a fire while Luke is hunting they hear a strange noise. It’s a guy who is holding Luke as a prisoner. Annie had to give the torc to get Little Luke back. But the guy still runs off with little Luke and the Torc. The next day Annie and Sean meet the Colonel and they tell him their story.

The mean guy was on the boat gambling and the Colonel had a plan to win the torc back in a gambling game. And so he did.

The Colonel sold his boat and they all had to go in wagons to cross the desert. The mean guy left Annie, Sean and the Colonel in the desert without water. The Colonel died. Before he died he said to Annie and Sean to try and find their dad.

Annie and Sean meet Seamus Finn who is on his way to California and he offered to take them there. The day they were about to leave some Indians came and offered him gold for animal skin. When they reach California they ask a lady if she knows their dad. They find their dad AND their mum!! Everybody was really happy that the golden torc was still in the O’Brien family.

The author shows that when you start something you have to keep on going and not give up. The author also shows that you can be friends with everyone and that friends can help you all the time. My favourite part of the book was when they found their dad and he was happy that they had the golden torc. Their mother was there when they thought she had died. I liked this story very much because it was exciting when they were on the boat and the storm came but it was still a bit complicated because they travel a lot and meet a lot of people.


I would recommend this book to people who like reading adventurous and interesting books because it is adventurous, it has a lot of adventures when they are in America. And the children travel a lot and meet interesting but also scary people. This book grabs the readers attention.

By Emilie Schol

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