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Much of the ephemera in our collection comes through personally collecting it. In the case of much of the music and political material this literally means taking it from walls, notice boards or telephone poles.

These pieces came from poles in Greville Street, Prahran.

36. Witness Protection Social Club. “Where everyone knows your new name”. Sundays at the Rob Roy Hotel, corner of Brunswick St. and Gertrude St. [Nov. 1999]

The image is of Janet Leigh in the shower scene from Psycho, Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 thriller. To add to the “witness protection” effect a black band is over the actress’s eyes.

37. Next Wave Festival.

Wide awake : dreaming at twilight. 12-28 May 2000.

The intriguing images of the two children with the atom bomb, and the huge eye-ball were repeated through numerous permutations on posters all over Melbourne.

38. Michael Jackson Benefit Concert. Thursday 11th of December, 161 High Street, Prahran. [2003]

This features the iconic mug-shot of Michael Jackson taken on his arrest by the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office on 20th November 2003.

39. Victims of Stalking Benefit. Old Colonial Inn, Sept. 3rd 2004. 127 Brunswick St. Fitzroy.

The Witness Protection gig and the Michael Jackson Benefit are ironic titles but the small flier for the Victims of Stalking Benefit, with its graphic illustration of a woman with a black eye is serious, with its caption, “Be there or don’t care?”


40. Earthcore New Year’s Eve 2000. Millennium marathon programme. Wednesday 29.12.99 to Tuesday 4.01.00. [1999]

Earthcore was a dance and music festival in the country near Lake Eildon.

41. Welcome 2000. New Year’s Eve 1999. NYE Shed 2 and 4 Victoria Dock, Melbourne, Australia. Presented by Hardware and Future Entertainment. [1999]

Welcome 2000 was one of the dance parties held in the City of Melbourne for the Millennium.

42. Doomsday 2000 : the end of the world party. A New Year’s Eve/Day special bent event. December 31st 1999. 24 hrs of non-stop love. [1999]

Doomsday 2000 was at the Chevron, 519 St. Kilda Road.
The material is accompanied by two Millennium cards, for the year 2000.

Political posters

43. Anti-Globalisation posters.

We have large numbers of these dating mainly from the Vietnam era to the present. On display is a selection from the anti-globalisation protests, especially the one at Crown Casino in Melbourne on 11th September 2000, and from the follow-up which was planned for 2001, but was, in the event, over-shadowed by the Twin Towers bombings in New York. Also among the topics covered by the posters on display is the war in Iraq, including a detailed set of instructions from the Socialist Alternative’s Red Bloc, “What to do when the war starts.” Posters on the refugee camps, Aboriginal rights and world terrorism are also here.

The Socialist Alternative poster, “Is there a non-violent way to change the world?” was obtained from a lamp-post in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy on 11th June 2005. A graffitist has answered the rhetorical question by spraying “No” at the top of the poster.
Copies of some of the posters have been made and fixed to the screens around the exhibition.

Pharmacy Labels

44. Scrapbook of labels

Recently the Victorian Pharmacy College transferred its Rare Books to the main Monash University Rare Books Collection in the Matheson Library on the University’s Clayton campus. Among the items are some scrapbooks of labels used on various pharmaceutical products in the 19th century. On display is one of these, compiled by Francis Longmore, a chemist who had pharmacies on the corner of Flinders and King Streets and 130 Bourke Street, east in the City as well as at Brunswick Street, North Fitzroy.

Wall cases


45. Kilmore Junction Estate. Saturday March 11 [1916]. Forbes & Son (T. G. Forbes, Auctioneer) 180 Bridge Road, Richmond.

Kilmore Junction was near Wandong on the Hume Highway (then called the Sydney Road), north of Melbourne. It was to be a “new township and mountain health resort.” In 1922 the name was changed to Heathcote Junction.

46. The Pines Estate, Turner Street, Wonthaggi. Auction Saturday 24th April 1915. Auctioneer, Coghill & Haughton 79 Swanston Street, Melbourne, in conjunction with G. R. Abrahamson, Wonthaggi.

The caption reads, “Your chance in the new Wonthaggi.” Wonthaggi was a coal mining town and the copy written for the flier is aimed directly at the working class,

Don’t back horses at long odds too often, when shorter odds on good building land is bound to hand you your money back and invariably with a profit.

Don’t spend fourpence per day on beer if you are not thirsty, because it will pay for a fine allotment in The Pines estate.

Don’t pay twopence each for eggs when they are dear. You would have plenty of room for your own poultry, and also a vegetable garden, if you bought two allotments in The Pines Estate. Eightpence per day gets the two blocks.

47. By public auction, Saturday 30th Nov. 1918 ... Travancore Estate, Flemington Hill (City of Melbourne) : Sydney Arnold, Best & Co., auctioneers, [1918]. 1 sheet folded to [6] p. : ill., plans ; 22 cm.

This was the sub-division of Henry Madden’s property, “Travencore”, fine boom-period mansion and grounds on Mount Alexander Road. The brochure claims it is “the highest point in the City of Melbourne. 132 feet above sea level.”

48. To be sold by public auction, Saturday, 20th February, 1920 : Warrigal Road Estate, on corner of Warrigal and North Road, Oakleigh : 116 villa sites. (Melbourne : Coghill & Haughton, auctioneers, [1920]) 1 sheet ([2] p.) : ill., plans ; 43 x 35 cm.

The streets in this sub-division were named after Australian Generals from the Great War, Birdwood, Chauvel, and Monash. The brochure mentions the Estate’s proximity to “the wonderful railway service provided at Oakleigh (being 92 trains daily)”, but much is also made of “the projected electric tram along North Road”, which was never built.

49. Blairgowrie Estate, Sorrento. Grand seaside subdivisional sale, Easter Saturday & Monday March 31st & April 2nd, [1926] (Melbourne : Arthur Tuckett & Son, [1926])

This was the sale of the waterfront footage along what is now the Nepean Highway at Blairgowrie, 214 lots were auctioned. It was the subdivision of Blairgowrie Estate, the grounds of a 19th century limestone mansion.

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