Introduction: Jessica Mitford, a k. a. Decca, was a writer and one of the famous Mitford sisters, daughters of the 2

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Abbreviations Used:

H&R = Hons & Rebels (includes American version Daughters & Rebels)

AWOD = The American Way of Death

TODS = The Trial of Dr. Spock

KAUP = Kind and Unusual Punishment (includes British version The American Prison


FOC =A Fine Old Conflict

PP = Poison Penmanship - The Gentle Art of Muckrakinq (includes British version The

Making of a Muckraker)

FOP = Faces of Philip,

GD = Grace Had An English Heart

AWOB = The American Way of Birth

FWS = "Let Us Now Appraise Famous Writers"

DP = "My Short and Happy Life as a Distinguished Professor"

THR = "The Honourable Rebel"
Miscellaneous/Oversized material:

FOC repros

Forest Lawn souvenir plate and napkin holder

Forest Lawn map and pictorial tour

Video Tapes #113-114

Portrait of "The Queen in her bridal dress"

"Is an innocent man convicted?" - James Dean Walker case clippings (2 copies)

Promotional posters from AWOB

Honorary Doctor of Letters degree from Smith College

Box of "Don't Quit Your-Day Job!" Records business cards

Nick Hennill Slides

Picture holder with three photos including one of a young Bob and one of a young Decca

"The Thatcher Legacy" - collection of articles from The Guardian

The Berkeley Monthly - 3/81 - article about Bob and Decca on pg. 25

SF Weekly - 3/22-28/95

Hons & Rebels

box- folder-

1 1 Book publicity

1 2 Fan Mail

1 3 Clippings and reviews

1 4 Post H&R/Pre-AWOD clippings

Also in this box: Hons & Rebels uncorrected proof copy

The American Way of Death (some AWOD material at UT-Austin)

(Note - The title "Post-Mortem" is used interchangeably by JM to identify the AWOD update for the paperback edition (also called AWOD revisited), an article written for McCall’s (titled "The Funeral Salesmen by McCall’s), and the title of her AWOD lectures)

2 5 Clippings, articles, correspondence, etc. - 1964- 1969

The Communist Way Of Death: An answer to Jessica Mitford's attack on the American way

Legal aspects of The Mitford-Treuhaft Case

Jessica Mitford & The Red Death

Co-ops And The Funeral lndustry

2 6 Clippings, articles, correspondence, etc. - 1970-1972

2 7 Clippings, articles, correspondence, etc. - 1973-1977

2 8 Clippings, articles, correspondence, etc. - 1978-1981

2 9 Clippings, articles, correspondence, etc. - 1982-1985

3 10 Clippings, articles, correspondence, etc. - 1986-1993

3 11 Fan Mail

3 12 Extracts

"Americans don't want fancy funerals" article by JM

3 13 "The Funeral Salesmen" (a.k.a. "Post-Mortem") - correspondence, drafts, notes, etc.

3 14 "The Funeral Salesmen" fan mail

3 15 Correspondence regarding AWOD republication as a paperback

3 16 Daphne Funeral Homes case material

4 17 "Post-Mortem" lecture notes and correspondence

Research concerning "Please Omit Flowers"

Script of "The Great American Funeral" by CBS Reports

4 18 "Post-Mortem" clippings, correspondence, etc.

4 19 "Since The American Way Of Death" documentary on PBS-correspondence and script

4 20 Funeral benefits scam

4 21 Bay Area Funeral Society

4 22 Miscellaneous clippings, reviews, etc.

"Can You Afford to Die?" by Roul Tunley Tearsheet 6/17/1961

National Review - contains an article about JM on page 381 11/5/63

National Review - contains an article about JM on page 466 12/3/63

National Review - contains "Merchants of Death" - AWOD Review on page 362 10/22/63

Also in this box: The lmmortalist - playscript by Heathcote Williams

The Hairdresser at the Funeral Home by Noёlla Charest-Papagno

AWOD Fawcett paperback galleys

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