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#7. DISSOLVE TO: Implies the passage of time. SLOW DISSOLVE TO: implies the passage of lots of time.
#8. (filtered) A particular parenthetical, used when the dialog is coming from a phone, over a radio, or any electronic device that will modify the vocal.
#9. INTERCUT: Frees you from having to repeat scene headings for, say, a telephone conversation.
#10. FADE IN/FADE OUT Used to start and end the script. They can also be used at any point in the screenplay, to delineate major sections of the film.
#11. CLOSE ON If you really want to emphasize a detail, a clue, then this is the way to do it. No more than three of these in any one script, or you're over-directing.
#12. PULL BACK to reveal One of the four camera directions we allow ourselves to use in a screenplay. They must be used sparingly. The third is...

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