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Academy Award ®-nominated writers Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio co-wrote the DreamWorks animated feature SHREK, winner of the first Academy Award for Best Animated Film in 2002.
In 1992, the pair co-wrote the highest grossing film of the year, Disney animated feature ALADDIN, starring Robin Williams. Their live-action feature film credits include: LITTLE MONSTERS, starring Fred Savage; SMALL SOLDIERS, starring Kirsten Dunst; GODZILLA, starring Matthew Broderick; and THE MASK OF ZORRO, starring Anthony Hopkins and Antonio Banderas.
In 1996, Elliott and Rossio became the first writers signed to an overall writing and producing deal at DreamWorks SKG. Their animated projects at DreamWorks include: SHREK, with Mike Meyers and Eddie Murphy; THE ROAD TO EL DORADO, featuring Kevin Kline and Kenneth Branagh; ANTZ (creative consultants), featuring Woody Allen; and SINBAD (creative consultants), featuring Brad Pitt and Catherine Zeta-Jones.
In 2003, Elliott and Rossio co-wrote the feature film PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, winner of the People's Choice Award for Best Picture, and recipient of five Academy Award ® nominations, including Best Actor for Johnny Depp.
Under their Scheherazade Productions banner, Elliott and Rossio are overseeing development of JINGLE (written by Bill Marsilii), in association with Fortis Films, and the feature film INSTANT KARMA, in association with Digital Domain and New Line Cinema.

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