Interpreting an Election Map

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Interpreting an Election Map A presidential election map can show you at a glance the states and regions that supported a particular candidate. Voting patterns before the 1950s showed strong Democratic support in the southeast United States. However, the landslide elections of 1956 and 1964 show a shift from traditional Democratic support to a Republican following. Compare the presidential election maps for 1956 and 1964. Then answer the questions that follow.

1. Who was the winner (candidate and party) in the 1956 election? The 1964 election?

2. Compare the two maps. Which southern states that voted Democratic in 1956 voted Republican in 1964?

3. Which southern states did not change their voting patterns between the 1956 and 1964 elections?

4. Which southern states that voted Republican in 1956 voted Democratic in 1964?

5. How is a candidate elected to the office of president? (popular vote or electoral college) Explain your answer.
1. 1956 winner: Dwight D. Eisenhower,

Republican; 1964 winner: Lyndon B.

Johnson, Democrat

2. Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, South


3. Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, North


4. Florida, Tennessee

5. The electoral college is based on number of states (and their population) that a candidate carries.
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