Interpretation of Sources

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Interpretation of Sources


Identification of Relationships






Comments: You missed some of the important messages in these sources, for example, in Source three, the “guy” is Prime Minister Harper! I also found your introduction confusing.


Exploration of Issue


Defence of Position








Comments: you didn’t use the sources to any great benefit on this paper.

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Social 20-1 Final Response

(Ultra)Nationalism is defined as excessive devotion to a nation. Often times people believe that Nationalism, helps define everyone not only as a person but as a community. Canada officially became apart of the world in 1882, and since this time Canada has been together. Much corruption maybe in certain places around the world including in Canada , but it doesn’t take away from the fact that we all together as a nation. In the United Nations there is a general council that helps a country on both peace and security. In Nations these are big things that help a Nation stay strong and united as one. In Quebec this doesn’t seem to be the case.

In Source one we see a flag, of both the maple leaf and Quebec symbols. This shows to me that there is a question towards Quebec if they feel like they are apart of Canada or not. It’s a question of nationalism. It seems like they are questioning if they want to be apart of Canada, it shows they are not devoted to their country as much as the Quebec’s should be. In source three it shows that the federal government guy is just standing around poking around and he seemed to not be sure of what he is doing. I believe it is a privilege to call Canada your home. I feel like nothing has really been done to show Quebec that they are apart of Canada, and that nothing is going to change that. They can’t go off and be ultranationalist, because they are in Canada so we are so called in it together.

Source two, shows referendum ballot that is a direct vote which an entire electorate is either asked or rejected by a proposal. The proposal that was introduced to Canada by Quebec’s were that the Québec’s wanted nothing to do with Canada except to have the same economic and political similarities with Canada. Separation, can also be defined as alienation, they wanted to push Canada away. In this picture we see more yes’s then no’s. And the question underneath the picture asking what do these rejected referendum ballots have in common, the answer to this is they where rejected because of the uncertainty of each check mark and x mark.

In conclusion, I believe that the Québec’s are just standing around playing with the government and Canada, if they wanted to not be apart of Canada, they would be trying harder. Their was a point in time when they did try hard and was still not able to succeed. Because of economic pressures, not being able to separate has been the right thing because they where founded apart of Canada and I don’t believe that they will be able to fully separate them selves in becoming ultranationalist. They may not be able to get over this fact. But their isn’t technically anything that can be done.

Social 20-1 Final Essay

Often times we question what a nation is and how it founds (?) and unifies us together as one. A nation is people of the same ethnicity or people in a land under a single government, usually unified as one. This helps define who we are this is called our identity. Internally in our country we do the same as someone else law wise because of the laws throughout the realm. We are all together and because of this our nation helps define who we are. We need to be reminded of the things we do and why we do it.

Nationalism has helped define our Country and because of this it helps define who we are as a people living in this nation wide country. Often time’s people don’t see a difference in United States and Canada, but if you ask a Canadian and/or an American you would find that we are both very serious about our country. We would both be very prone to saying I am not an American, or I am not a Canadian. This is known as a strong nation and helps define who we are. The economy shown in America is a lot different then the economy in Canada this is because of the different governments. Things in America are a lot different that make them known to everyone that they are Americans. This is a lot similar to the people in Canada.

Quebec has also influenced Canada and the identity, which we’ve became. This is because of bilingualism in Quebec. In Canada we have two main languages, French and English this has previously helped define who we are as a nation, because people have their choice in speaking these languages. Because of the bilingualism, many people know that if they came to Canada they have their choice on rather speaking one or the other. Bill 101, was a hardship in Quebec when they believed that they should only be aloud (allowed) to speak French and not English this caused a great up roar in making sure that Quebec knew that it was apart of a bilingualism nation.

Even though we might not want to admit it, the aboriginal people was also a big part of Canadians history, which greatly defined who we are more then any other big event that had happened in history. We evolved from the aboriginal peoples, from the traded networks, spiritual beliefs, and social hierarchies. Various treaties and laws have been enact(ed) between the European settlers and the aboriginal populations. Immigration from aboriginal people, French and British people helped defined Canadians. And helped formed our Canadian culture. Since the beginning of time we have used different methods that the Aboriginals used that were passed on from generation to generation. Our identity through time defines our nation who we have became in time.

Through many revolutions, wars, and industrialized moments in time, it has helped define who we are as a nation. Canada has first shown its true independence, the day the Canadian Flag was finalized and the day the beaver helped show to everyone that this Canada. Everyone has their own individual identity which slowly evolves into a nation wide identity. Because of our past it shows our foundation of our true identity.

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