Interpersonal Karaoke/Cultural Artifact Presentation (10 points) Assigned Chapter

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Interpersonal Karaoke/Cultural Artifact Presentation (10 points)
Assigned Chapter: ______

1-2 minute presentation
Interpersonal Karaoke
Select a song that illustrates your concept(s).

Sing/read/slam/yell/rap 10-15 seconds of the lyrics you are analyzing.

Then, analyze the song using the concept(s) you have chosen using the rest of the time available to you to present.
Cultural Artifact
Select an cultural artifact that illustrates your concept(s).

Describe the cultural/historical significance of your cultural artifact. If at all possible, bring in the artifact or a picture of it.

Then, analyze the cultural artifact using the concept(s) you have chosen using the rest of the time you have available to present.
This assignment will be graded using the following criteria:

Song/Cultural Artifact Selection (2 points): Make sure that your song’s lyrics/cultural artifact “fit” the nature of the concept you are discussing. Do not pick a song that vaguely relates to the interpersonal concept.

Delivery (3 pts.): Make sure that you are enthusiastic/passionate during your presentations. Use a decent volume, rate, pitch, etc. to enhance the effectiveness of your presentation. Do not ramble aimlessly. This presentation should be clear and concise. You must be familiar with what you are going to say during your presentation. You may use note cards during your presentation for reference during presentation. Practice—in front of the class should not be the first time you give your presentation.

  • Analysis of Relationship Between Interpersonal Concept and Musical Selection/Cultural Artifact (5 pts.): You will be graded on your ability to articulate a clear understanding of each concept that you are presenting, as well as its relationship to the musical snack/cultural artifact that you have chosen. Make sure that your analysis involves thick descriptions of the lyrics in the song or cultural/historical significance of the cultural artifact as they relate to the concepts. You may use other sources to strengthen your analysis (i.e. excerpts about the author of the song, a museum website, etc.).

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