Internet Paper Assignment mas 201-001 Fall 2012 Due Date: Thursday, November 8

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Internet Paper Assignment

MAS 201-001 Fall 2012

Due Date: Thursday, November 8
Here's the description of the Internet Paper assignment, lifted directly from your course syllabus:
Internet Paper: For this assignment, you write a reaction paper based on selected course lectures. This paper will require you to digest and relate the historical record of the Internet, examine the nature of what former vice president Al Gore called the Information Superhighway, read a funny science fiction story, and make your own informed but speculative predictions about Internet services and situations to come. A document detailing my expectations for the content of the paper will be posted on the website. We will discuss it at least a week in advance. Outside sources and references will not be required, but you may include any that you like with the proper citation.
The material for this assignment consists mainly of my lecture notes on the Internet ("All About the Internet") and on the reading "How the Internet Works," the short story "A Logic Named Joe" by Will F. Jenkins, and the article "From Internet to Superhighway: The Future of Interactive Services."
As noted above, your task is four-fold. First, trace the history of the Internet from its beginnings as a Cold War-inspired Defense Department experiment in networking to its current status as a marketplace for kids, kidneys, super-model ova, and other such commodities. Second, based on your reading of the Budde article from the 1998 Annual Review of Communications, assess the nature of the network that will provide broadband interactivity to the consumer and tell me how close you think we are to achieving that level of service. Third, drawing on your careful reading of "A Logic Named Joe," explain how the short story presaged the modern Internet. Describe several instances from the story regarding both technology and social issues and explain how they have either become a reality or are still impossible at this date. Finally, use your imagination and tell me what services you would like to see and what services you think will become possible (that could be two completely different things). If you believe it is necessary, by all means refer to sources other than the ones available to you through class, but if you do, make sure that you cite them properly and include a reference page. As usual, I am expecting a high level of competence in your execution of the spelling and grammar.

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