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Appendix B The Commonwealth Cybercrime Initiative

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Appendix B

The Commonwealth Cybercrime Initiative
The Commonwealth Internet Governance Forum (CIGF) is consulting with stakeholders to gauge the support to a Commonwealth led initiative on cybercrime with a view to seeking endorsement of this from Commonwealth Heads of Government in Australia in October 2011. The development of this Initiative is in response to the increasing importance that is attached to cyber security in the face of the Internet’s exponential growth.
The CIGF is introducing this Initiative at the various regional IGFs in order to seek feedback from the countries and regions. The Commonwealth Cybercrime Initiative will be the focus of the CIGF open forum at the 6th IGF in Nairobi.
Enhanced cyber security and improved user confidence for trade and commerce on the Internet have a pivotal role in stimulating economic activity. The global and borderless nature of cybercrime makes it necessary for criminal conduct on the Internet to be recognised as such in each jurisdiction and in accordance to globally accepted definitions, existing global treaties, conventions and arrangements. Else there is the risk of creating safe-havens for perpetrators.

Unhindered access to critical Internet infrastructure, its security, stability and reliability, are thus, central to global social and economic development. It is an imperative therefore that the necessary security safeguards are in place in every country. The aim of the Commonwealth Cybercrime Initiative is thus to enable member countries to build the competent resources, to ensure the necessary environment for safe and secure access.

The Commonwealth has a shared legal tradition of common law with the unique advantage for harmonising legal frameworks and thus contributing towards international cooperation in the global fight against cybercrime. There was consensus in favour of a Commonwealth led cybercrime intervention at the recent Commonwealth Law Ministers’ meeting.
The Commonwealth Cybercrime Initiative intends to assist developing Commonwealth countries to build their institutional, human and technical capacities with respect to policy, legislation, regulation, investigation and law enforcement with the aim of, making their jurisdictions more secure by denying safe havens to cyber criminals, and enabling all member states to become effective partners in the globally coordinated effort to combat cybercrime.

The Cybercrime Initiative aims to promote the sharing of expertise and best practice from existent resources, focusing upon the Commonwealth Model Law on Computer and Computer Related Crime (Model Law), and also drawing from other existent treaties, toolkits, and resources, to enable countries to address the legislative gaps so that they can deal with incidents of cybercrime.

By virtue of this Initiative and in collaboration with development partners, the Commonwealth is proposing to provide the leadership as follows:

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