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Appendix A - WireUp! Youth Engagement Project

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Appendix A - WireUp! Youth Engagement Project

What is WireUp!

WireUp! is a youth engagement project developed by the Commonwealth Internet Governance Forum, with a view to engage youth in discussions relating to the internet and its governance.

WireUp! Pilot Project

A pilot project was run through 2011 in collaboration with the Journalism Department of the University of the Creative Arts, in Farnham, Surrey, UK.

Students attended a briefing day where issues relating to the Internet were presented and discussed via awareness raising exercises.

At the end of the briefing day, students were asked to produce multimedia content addressing public policy issues relating to Cyber space, which upon, vetting, would be published on the CIGF website for public discussion.

Themes included: privacy and social networking, copyright and intellectual property, identity theft, digital citizenship, cyber fraud, terrorism and cyber war, online gaming, online child protection, and management and operation of the Internet. The project ran from January to April of 2011 and submissions were published on the CIGF site at the end of April.

The most relevant, and best structured of the entries was produced by Mr Lewis Fry who has been cordially invited to attend the IGF in Nairobi as the official CIGF correspondent at the event.

WireUp! 2012

The project will once again be run in collaboration with the University of the Creative Arts in Farnham, Surrey UK, this time opening up the project to all departments across the Faculty of Arts and Media.

The theme of the project will be ‘Cybercrime’ in support of the Commonwealth Cybercrime Initiative and will run no longer than 3 weeks. Students will be invited to attend a two-day workshop, at UCA, which will focus on the Internet and different areas of Cybercrime. Members of staff as well as outside speakers will be invited to the workshop together with the students.

Students will be invited to contribute multimedia content to the CIGF website relating to the discussions and ideas generated during the workshop.

The best structured, argued, relevant and most creative contribution will be entered into a draw amongst all countries participating in WireUp! 2011.

The project is going to be made available to any potential education institution across the Commonwealth wishing to participate. All content submitted under the WireUp! umbrella will enter into the final adjudication. We encourage broad participation. Individual setups will be co-ordinated through the CIGF and the University of the Creative Arts, Farnham, Surrey, UK.

A best entry of our WireUp! Project will be established by a panel of judges in June/July 2012. Prize is yet to be established.

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