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Revised: 20th September 2011

The University of Kent is proud of its international reputation and of its interaction with partners overseas. Kent currently has over 400 links with institutions based outside the UK, and the wide range of these activities encompass student / staff exchanges, visiting faculty, dual awards, joint research, enterprise activities, and progression arrangements, amongst others. A record of how we intersect with these partners is available for internal viewing on the International Links Database, available on the University’s internationalisation web pages.
In order to ensure that proposed new international partnerships and collaborations are appropriately strategic, high quality, and enhance the reputation of the University, all Kent faculty and staff must adhere to a series of internal approval processes and guidelines prior to any binding discussions or negotiations with an external partner. This handbook aims to provide internal staff with information about how to establish such partnerships and also includes a flow-chart with instructions to help guide staff through the approvals’ processes.
In case of further enquiries, please contact International Development: Stephen Wallis or Primrose Paskins (partnerships outside the EU) or Jan Lowe (partnerships within the EU).

Professor Alex Hughes

Pro Vice Chancellor - External


Roles and Responsibilities of International Partnerships Staff 4


Defining Partnerships 6


Partnership Approval 11

Erasmus procedures 14

Erasmus Mundus procedures


1 – Approvals’ Process Flow Chart 18

2– Template Letter of Intent 19

3 – Statement of Strategic Benefit 20

4 – Risk Assessment 23

5 – Due Diligence Checklist 26

6 – Template Memorandum of Understanding 29

7 – Template Student Exchange Agreement 31

8 – Template Study Abroad Agreement 38

9 – Proposal for Erasmus Partners 45

10 – Checklist of things to consider when establishing

a new student exchange 49

11 - APL Protocol Template for Articulation and Linked

Articulation Arrangements 51


Roles and Responsibilities of International Partnerships Staff

The primary members of staff responsible for managing and supporting the international partnership approvals’ process are drawn from several offices across the University as illustrated below:



Internal telephone number



Alex Hughes

Pro-Vice-Chancellor External


Vice-Chancellor’s Section

Matthew Redmond

Administrative Assistant (Collaborative Provision)


Quality Assurance & Validation

Stephen Wallis

Deputy Director


International Development

Jan Lowe

European Partnerships Officer


International Development

Primrose Paskins

International Partnerships Officer


International Development

Jon Pink

Academic Registrar


Academic Division

From time to time other staff may also be involved to help with country-specialist information, insurance, liability or enterprise expertise but in most cases the staff listed above will handle the majority of partnership queries and approvals.

1. Professor Alex Hughes, Pro-Vice Chancellor (External)

The Pro-Vice-Chancellor External has overall responsibility for approving new international partnerships and for signing memoranda of understanding, agreements and other partnership documents.1 Alex Hughes also spearheads Kent’s internationalisation strategy. Accordingly, she must be satisfied that the nature of a proposed collaboration advances Kent’s international strategic aims and that the suggested partner, in terms of its academic profile and reputation, is a suitable ‘fit’ for the University.

2. Matthew Redmond, Administrative Assistant (Collaborative Provision)

The Quality Assurance and Validation Office manage the quality assurance related processes involved in establishing new international partnerships. Matthew Redmond is responsible for liaising with schools and with EG (in addition to the staff listed above) to ensure that each step in the approval process is progressing and has been satisfactorily completed at the right time.

3. Stephen Wallis, Deputy Director of International Development
The Associate Director of International Development, in consultation with senior colleagues in the ID, provides advice and guidance to schools on the appropriateness of potential international partners for Kent. The International Office can also advise in an informed way on the management of any cultural issues that may be relevant to negotiations with overseas partners. Stephen Wallis and senior colleagues may visit such partners in the pre- and post-approval process, to take forward negotiations and maintain links. Stephen is Erasmus Institutional Coordinator and can also provide advice on Erasmus Mundus programmes.
4. Jan Lowe, European Partnerships Officer
European Partnerships Officer provides advice and guidance to schools in regard to developing new European partnerships. In consultation with senior colleagues in International Development, Jan Lowe is responsible for all (non-UK) EU links and collaborations, including ERASMUS programmes.
5. Primrose Paskins, International Partnerships Officer
Primrose Paskins provide advice and guidance to Schools in regard to developing new international (outside EU) partnerships. In consultation with senior colleagues in ID, Primrose is responsible for partnerships with the Santander Group European Universities Network. She is also a member of the Internationalisation Task Force and has overall responsibility for maintaining the International Links Database on SharePoint.
6. Jon Pink, Academic Registrar

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