International master gardener search for excellence guidelines deadline for sfe applications is

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APPLICATION Instructions

  1. The Search for Excellence project application must be written by the Master Gardeners involved, and not by Extension staff. Use the application template and provide your response in a WORD or PDF document. It should include the following information:


  • Name of MG Program, County and State/Province (e.g. Coos County, Oregon or Toronto, Canada)

  • Name, address, phone and email of MG volunteer contact person

  • Name, title, address, phone, email of MG coordinator / staff person

  • Category: must select and submit in only ONE category

    • Youth

    • Demonstration Garden

    • Workshop or Presentation

    • Community Service

    • Innovative Project

    • Special Needs Audiences

    • Research (applied scientific methodology)

  • Name of Project

  • Description of project. Include target audience, goals, location and partnerships

  • Methods. Discuss planning, implementation and evaluation (e.g. how results, learning and impact were documented)

  • Results

  • Significant learning and impact

  • Budget narrative

  • Names of active Master Gardeners ONLY who are involved in the project from start to finish, and that should receive a certificate. Please do not include their role. Please do not include any other individuals in this listing.

  1. An emailed verification letter from your Extension Advisor/Coordinator is required and must come directly from that individual. The Extension Advisor/Coordinator’s email must verify that:

    1. Extension Master Gardeners involved are currently in good standing

    2. Photo releases are on file for all individuals in the photos or as required by the applicable laws of the local state or province

    3. All application documents have been reviewed.

The deadline for receipt of this verification is the same date as the application deadline: August 1, 2016. Any project submitted without this document will be disqualified.

  1. The application document should be in Word (.doc or .docx) or PDF format and must be no longer than four pages in length using Times New Roman in a 12 point or larger font. Up to six digital photos in JPEG format may be submitted with the application. Your Extension Advisor/Coordinator must email the verification letter along with the application and pictures as attachments (pictures, application and letter must all be attachments) to: Sharon Box ( AND to the Box Account we are using to receive SFE applications (  The Box Account will not accept emails that are sent without attachments. Please put the MG program, county and state/province in the subject line of all emails. Questions should be directed to Sharon Box via email ( No hard copy of mailed applications will be accepted.

  1. Do not send handouts or other large files with this application. If possible, size your photos for use in a PowerPoint presentation. No large picture files, please! Submit only the items listed in the application instructions 1-3 above (e.g. application, verification letter, up to six photos). Any files, extra pictures, handouts etc. will be disqualified. Any applications longer than four pages will also not be accepted for competition.

  2. Receipt of the Extension Coordinator’s email containing the application and attachments along with the Extension Coordinator’s verification comments will be verified via email from the IMGC SFE Committee within two days of receiving it. If the Extension Coordinator fails to receive verification within 4 business days of submission, contact Sharon Box ( We cannot be responsible for applications that we do not receive due to spam mail blockers, etc.

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