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Prosecutor v. Tolimir – ICTY Trial Chamber (Packet I, p. 49)D abducted from Serbia, taken to Republicka Srpska and surrendered to ICTY. T.C. said only irregularity was removal from his apartment in Serbia, and no evidence that NATO nor ICTY Prosecution was involved – not enough of an HR violation to decline jx.

  • Kajelijeli v. Prosecutor – ICTR Appeals Chamber (Packet I, p. 49)adopted Nikolic standard.

    1. D arrested in Benin, though no arrest warrant issued. Balancing test – found dismissal of jx “disproportionate.” Better remedy – reduction in accused’s sentence.

  • Other extraordinary rendition issues

    1. Rendition of terrorists to states that employ harsh interrogation techniques?

      1. US domestic law provides they won’t – can rely on “diplomatic assurances” from state that won’t subject to torture.

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