International Law Outline

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GA Res. 1514 (124-24) – on granting independence to colonies

  1. Called a declaration.

  2. Came to define basic principles which states had to abide by.

  • Reaction to ICRC Determination of Custom of Humanitarian Warfare

        1. Says that it doesn’t reflect novelty of war on terrorism. Backwards looking.

        2. GENERAL objections

          1. Retain flexibility

          2. Retain ability to hold OTHER states to these norms.

          3. By staking its claim and trying to allow itself an out, both sides are happy.

            1. ICRC can simply say they disagree, and promote their compilation.

        3. Does same thing with World Bank soft-law suggestions re: FDI

          1. Subverts efficacy by creating BITs – which have greatly proliferated

      1. Foreign Direct Investment

        1. Transfer of capital from country X investor to country Y, with claim any income generated by that capital.

          1. History of colonialism – let developing countries exploit resources of colonies as they wanted

          2. As decolonization occurs, incidents of developing states “expropriating” foreign assets on large scale

            1. Notably, nationalization of Western oil company holdings

        2. Development of debate

          1. US v. Mexico – post 1917 revolution

            1. Mexico denies it has int’l legal obligation to pay compensation

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