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Keywords: Marxism, Confucianism, Marxist Confucianism

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Marxism, Confucianism, Marxist Confucianism

1. Introduction
To inherit and carry forward the Chinese excellent culture, we should deal with the relationship between the excellent
Chinese culture and Marxism. Meanwhile, Marxism’s
Sinicization and its further development cannot avoid the topic on its relationship with Chinese excellent culture.
Confucianism is the subject of Chinese excellent traditional culture, Marxism is the leading thought of Chinese excellent modern culture, and Chinese excellent culture continues in one continuous line; Marxism and Confucianism should not be in opposition to each other. It is considered that the two are irrelevant or even contradictory, which do not accord with the actual situation of the two thoughts, nor are they conducive to their respective development, nor to the needs of production and life of the broad masses of working people in the new era[1]. In order to fully inherit and develop Chinese excellent cultural traditions, build Chinese socialist morality, profoundly explain the theoretical significance of the socialist core values, the combination of socialist morality and rule of law, and help socialist workers become ideal people, it is necessary to integrate Marxism and Confucianism in theory, and establish and develop Marxist Confucianism.
2. Necessity and Urgency
The integration of Confucianism and Marxism and the establishment and development of Marxist Confucianism are the major trend of the sustainable development of Chinese ideological history. Chinese socialism has developed from thousands of years of Chinese civilization. Confucianism as the dominant ideology for a long time in ancient China, and
Marxism as the dominant ideology in modern times, represent two major historical stages in the history of Chinese thought.
It is a long-term historical task for China to build socialism and prepare for the realization of communism. Building

Zhang Maoze: On Marxist Confucianism: The New Direction of China's Ideological
Development in the 21
Century socialism and realizing communism are unprecedented great cause. Only by fully absorbing the achievements of human civilization can we successfully build socialism. In the history of Chinese civilization, Confucianism and Marxism, of course, need to compare, exchange and learn from each other's strengths and offset each other's weaknesses. On this basis, we should make a comprehensive study and establish Marxist
Confucianism to guide Chinese people's production and living in the socialist period based on socialized mass production.
Traditional Confucianism and Marxism are the deep sources of Marxist Confucianism. Confucianism can be described as the crystallization of thousands of years' wisdom of production and life in ancient China, which contains the truth of why humanity are humanity under the condition of small production. In the truth of why humanity are humanity, it also contains the truth of why home is home, country is country, world is world, and society is society. Based on self-cultivation, on the basis of study phenomena of nature(格
物), pursue knowledge(致知), be sincere in thought(诚意) and rectification of one’s mind(正心) [2], we are committed to the family, the country and the world, and to be an ideal person, a humanity of family, nation and world, then achieve the social ideals of well-off and universal harmony society. The main content of Marxism is the law of the historical development of human society [3]. Discovered by scholars in modern times, which contains the truth of why humanities are humanities in the period of socialized mass production. It is the only way to combine the truth discovered in ancient times with the truth discovered in modern times, the truth discovered by Chinese people with the truth discovered by Westerners, build socialism with Chinese characteristics, realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, realize the people's yearning for a better life, and push Chinese society forward towards the ideal of communism.
Theory comes from practice, and ideological blending is based on common practice. The construction of socialism with
Chinese characteristics has accumulated rich practical experience and left many lessons. There are still many practical problems to be solved in the further development.
Experience needs theoretical refinement, and problems need theoretical analysis. The practical experience of the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics needs to be summed up. The production and living of the masses of workers need to be settled by faith, guided by value ideals, and regulated by morality and law.
Confucianism has these social functions. However, ancient
Confucianism produced and developed under the condition of small-scale production in ancient times, so it was inevitably branded by the history of that time. In The Doctrine of the
Mean, the five major social relations under the condition of small-scale production are summarized in five aspects(the
Five accessible Ways, 五 达 道 ): monarch-minister( 君 臣 ), father-son(父子), husband-wife(夫妇), brothers(昆弟) and friends(朋友) [4]. They are concentrated in the family and the country, reflecting the most important social relations in production and life at that time. Because under the condition of small agricultural production, the family is the basic unit of production and living, and the country is the largest social and political community, and the industry division is dominated by scholars, farmers, workers and businessmen. Under the condition of socialized large-scale production, social production is more developed, the division of production is more detailed, the production units are more diversified, the production links are more numerous, and the Five accessible
Ways has developed into hundreds of industries and thousands of industries. For example, there are more than 520 registered manufacturing industries in the United Nations, and now all of them can be produced in China. The old Five accessible Ways is difficult to summarize the new situation of all walks of life and cannot meet the urgent needs of the real working people.
Modern Neo-Confucianism mainly focuses on observing the relationship between Chinese Learning( 中 学 )and Western
Learning(西学), Old Learning(旧学)and New Learning(新
学), tangles in various doctrinal disputes in Western Learning, and devotes itself to the theoretical explanation of democratic and scientific great achievements put forward in the May 4th movement. Modern Neo Confucianism has not yet been able to observe the profound impact of dramatic changes in the mode of production in modern society on the consciousness and Realization of human nature of the working people.
Modern Neo Confucianism has also lost the core problem of human nature and the thinking method of golden mean(中道
思维) of analyzing and solving the problem of Confucianism.
It has a one-sided and narrow understanding of the meaning of the concept of "morality" of Confucianism, which leads to the loss of the ideological content and ability of guiding the modern working people to become ideal humanity. If you don't care about the production and living needs of the working people, why should the working people care about you? If you are alienated from the profit and loss reform of the system of etiquette and law, the nation and country devoted to modernization will naturally alienate you. Without the support of Marxism, the modernization of Confucianism is bound to lose its broad theoretical field. As a result, the modern
Neo-Confucianists' benevolence and education have been trapped in academic circles or individual villages; most of the modern Neo-Confucianists can only be limited to the theoretical elucidation of moral ideals, and the rational explanation and persistence of the shared spiritual home of the
Chinese nation have seriously restricted the influence of
Confucianism on modern production and living, establishment and reform of system, and ideology and culture.
If Confucianism wants to adapt to the needs of socialized mass production, if it wants to meet the needs of modern and contemporary working people's production and living, it is bound to learn from Marxism. To learning from Marxism’s emphasis on the theoretical and historical significance of productive labor for people to become human beings, to learn from Marxism's positive scientific research on people's needs or desires and affirmation on the basis of modern machine production, to learn from Marxism's human thinking mode on the basis of scientific observation and understanding of social history. That is to say, the modernization of Confucianism must be combined with Marxism, accept the criticism and test

International Journal of Philosophy 2021; 9(2): 90-99 92 from Marxism, stand on the position that humanity are humanity and that realistic people become ideal people, study the ideological themes and social production concepts that conform to the historical characteristics of modern society in
Marxism, learn and develop their own dialectical thinking and historical thinking mode In order to develop and improve themselves, we should strengthen the social and historical subject status of the working people and enhance the scientific performance of their own thinking mode. All of these need our contemporary theorists to work creatively on integrating
Marxism and Confucianism.
Marxism is a scientific truth. It has discovered the law of the historical development of human society, especially in the field of human studies. It studied these problems that the more workers work, the poorer they are [5]. It has found the secret that in the history, humanity are not humanity, or human becomes inhuman, that is, production is insufficient and development is not enough, but there are division of labor, private possession of property, market transactions, etc., which cause the alienation of human nature [6], such as the alienation of the functions of the state as a social and political community has become the tools of the ruling class. On this basis, it found the historical path of overcoming the alienation of human nature, which is to develop the social productive forces continuously, and on this basis, we will continue to revolution, reform, improve the social system, vigorously develop science and culture, and approach the ideal
Communist society. The Sinicization of Marxist theory should go out of the study, out of the books, and combine with the working masses, and combine with the production and life practice of the working masses, so as to become the daily values of the working masses, the socialist moral standards, and the civilized customs and habits. Only in this way can
Marxist scientific theory become a part of the real social productivity. Therefore, it is necessary to study Confucianism, which has been dominant for thousands of years, and combine it with the thought of benevolence, righteousness and morality(仁义道德) of the unity of heaven and man(天人合
一), the theory of self-restraint and the theory of civilization and Enlightenment of human culture, so as to give full play to the function of knowing and doing among the daily life of ordinary people, and achieve the practical effect of helping all people to become ideal people.

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