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Seligman-Martin-Flourish-Ch-1, ImportanceofRecruitmentandSelectioninleadingtoProgressionofthe-16, iift, Syllabus - Stenographers, IBPS RRB SYLLABUS 2021

Our study in this case has been limited in size to around 60 samples and age limit of 18-21 years i.e. the study is biased with respect to age. It has been concerned only with the students undergoing their undergraduate programs. On earlier studies done in this field by Durak (2010), the results obtained have not shown any variation from the ones obtained by this study. It was even found by the Turkish researchers that majority of the school students falls in this range where they are satisfied with life. On closer look of the study it has also been found that the satisfaction with life i.e. the data obtained from the survey didn’t show much variation in the satisfaction level of boys and girls. Thus it can be concluded that boys and girls do not differ in their level of satisfaction with life in this age. In other word the satisfaction with life is not biased with the gender i.e. it does not matter what the gender of the person is to see his/her satisfaction with life. Life satisfaction is based on experiences with life and also the level of optimism in people. In this aspect too studies have been found to be made by Clench-Aas (2011). It has been found in their study that no gender difference was observed at the level of factors affecting the level of life satisfaction. It is

ISSN 2320-5407 International Journal of Advanced Research (2015), Volume 3, Issue 1, 164-169 168 gender invariance. In their studies the factors asked in the questionnaire are related in the same way to boys and girls. But in this study is limited to age. It is conducted in only in the University students. Different ages and life circumstances may cause systematic shifts in how people evaluate their life situation. But that aspect of the life satisfaction is not conducted by this study. On further look in both the studies shows that the person with very high positive attitude i.e. the ones found to have higher optimism in the test for optimism also is found to have high satisfaction with life. This was the basis of in this study. Thus from the systematic study of both the survey it shows that positive attitude in life leads to positivity towards life and this leads to higher life satisfaction. When the same study was conducted in the same set of students it seen that the students who are optimistic 90 percent of them are also satisfied with their life, and vice versa i.e. the students who are pessimist some of them are not much satisfied with their life standards. It is solely our thinking which influence and control our life. Thus from the study it can be concluded that is very important to have a positive set of thought process to lead a satisfied life. Optimism is important virtue which is to be adopted by all the individuals. Only when optimist we have the ability to think positive and that will lead to positive outcome in life thereby leading to life satisfaction.

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